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  • Online Volunteering



    We are looking for skilled and creative people who can give us a few hours of their time. As a volunteer, you will become part of our team that changes lives in Uganda. Check below the open positions apply and rock and roll with 22STARS. To show our gratitude for your work, the mothers of our sponsored children have created beautiful bracelets that we will send to you and we will feature you on our website as part of the team if you work more than 10 hours a month for us! Do you have skills that are not listed below? send us an open application via email!


    Please note: we keep all our volunteer positions open, also if we already found a person for it for the moment, as our future needs constantly change. Hence by times we need more than 1 volunteer for a certain tasks or our current volunteers are not available in the given period. Since finding the right volunteer is quite time-consuming, we prefer to not start looking for one when we urgently need one. Hence why we keep applications open all year! This allows us to get to know the volunteers, and the volunteers us, before assigning them a task. Herewith we want to make sure that we are the right fit for each other and add value for each other.


    To speed up the process we appreciate if you can share with us in your application a link to your Porto-folio and or send us a sample of the work you would like to do for 22STARS, so we can see whether the style / language etc fits our needs.

  • SEO


    Work on landing pages for our Google Grant campaigns in English / Spanish / Portuguese / Dutch.


    Estimated time: 10 - 15 hours


    Skills: SEO content writer

    UX designer


    Setting up 10 template landing pages for SEO / Google grants


    Estimated time: 20-30 hours


    Skills: UX designer



    Design a brochure/ report layout/ flyer


    Estimated time: 10 - 15 hours


    Skills: Graphic Design / Canva

    Web Work


    Update our website


    Estimated time: Ongoing


    Skills: Website Builders (e.g Strikingly)

    Content and Writing


    Review & amend our website content


    Estimated time: 15 - 20 hours


    Skills: Content Writing - English



    Research & recommend funding options


    Estimated time: 30 - 40 hours


    Skills: Fundraising, Research & Analytics



    Write funding grant proposals


    Estimated time: Ongoing


    Skills: Fundraising, Content Writing - English



    Create a fundraising campaign for us


    Estimated time: 20 - 30 hours


    Skills: Video or Photo Editing, Content Writing - English

    Social Media


    Write posts & newsletters n English for Social Media


    Estimated time: Ongoing


    Skills: Social Media Marketing, Content Writing - English, Mailchimp

  • Volunteer with us in Uganda



    The Experience

    We usually receive just 1 volunteer a time, hence this is only something for you if you are very independent! You will foremost get meaningful and authentic connections with our local team and communities. Out of experience we can say that you won't really get much work done in Uganda as we also want you to soak in the culture and experience it fully. Hence why most of the time the "volunteer" part is done before or after the trip and exists of the "online volunteer taks". All of the work that has to be done in Uganda is done by our local staff. However, they are of course always happy for an extra helping hand. Our local team are enthusiastic to learn new skills and love exchanging stories so that you both get a better understanding of each others culture!


    Volunteering in Uganda is still a very valuable experience for both you and the organisation, as you will become our ears and eyes. You will be visiting our families in their homes, visit the children in school, take pictures, conduct interviews and depending on your skills monitor and evaluate our projects. We also love if you can share your skills through workshops with our team. A workshop could be anything from computer lessons, to homework help, a female hygiene class or what about teaching our girls your latest dancing moves? We leave it to our local team to decide what their community needs most, taking your skills into account. Your work on the ground is very meaningful, in particular with regards to story-telling as it will help us with fundraising for our projects and getting new long-term sponsors in for the kids.

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    Our Volunteer Lucy Müller helped us out at the Eye-care Program

  • How much does it cost to come to Uganda?


    Our prices are based on one person a time that comes over and this is hence not a group trip, but based on single occupancy! All the money goes to pay our local staff in Uganda to conduct the given activities. Since our community members do not speak English, but their local language, a volunteer coming, means we need to hire full time a person as well to translate. Additionally, whenever we conduct programs at our centres we provide food to the people who are coming. Please note, the prices below can change depending on the current exchange rate and product prices in Uganda.


    ¨Weekly fee: 359 €

    One-time fee: 699 €



    The one-time fees covers our costs for the following

    • Pre-trip assistance.
    • Pick up/ Drop off at the airport.
    • Orientation day at the project.
    • City tour to the museum and markets.

    • Jewellery workshop
    • Cooking class

    • T-shirt of the organisation.
    • Welcome bag with goodies.
    • Local SIM card with internet for the first week.
    • 6 hours basic local language class.
    • Customised experience to your needs.

    The Weekly Fee also includes:

    • Payment for our local staff members to accompany you during your

    activities and translate from English to Luo, Luganda and Lusoga
    • Basic Single Bed-Room with private bathroom (cold showers)
    • Local vegetarian meals at our project location three times a day for you and the team


    * We do not cover your flight, visa, medicine, local transportation, drinks, and extra activities, but are more than happy to help you organising them.


  • Meet Our Volunteers​ '22-'24

    Many of our online volunteers also sponsor a child and participated in our trips to Uganda!

    Thanks to these people 22STARS is up and running and can keep it operational costs low!