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    Financial Year Reports

    2016 till 2022

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    Policy Paper 2023-2027

    In this policy paper, we will give an insight in the following:

    o Mission statement, vision and aim of the foundation

    o Work Activities of the Foundation

    o Finances

    o The way in which the Foundation raises money

    o Management of assets of the Foundation

    o The spending of the assets of the Foundation

    o The functioning of the board


    To see our old Policy Paper 2018-2022 click here.


    We've been on this upward journey for a solid 8 years now!🎉"

    We prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to a child's education. It’s crucial for us that a child completes higher education. Many children are transitioning to Secondary School and we also have each year more primary school kids who require Boarding facilities. To ensure a successful educational path for children, we have initiated Co-Sponsorships. Hence why the number of kids did not increase, but the number of Sponsors has risen over the years. We also launched additional programs that benefit both the children and their community. Depending on current needs, we occasionally prefer to attract new donors to support these programs, instead of solely focusing on enrolling more children/sponsors. This way, we ensure the continued well-being of our current children. ♥

  • 2023 

    Number of sponsors: 584

    Sponsored children: 485


    Nursery School: 58 kids

    Primary School: 331 kids

    Secondary School: 89 kids

    Higher Education: 7 kids  


    Number of sponsors: 552

    Sponsored children: 493


    Nursery School: 93 kids

    Primary School: 334 kids

    Secondary School: 57 kids

    Higher Education: 9 kids


    Number of sponsors: 489 

    Sponsored children: 440


    Nursery School: 78 kids

    Primary School: 304 kids

    Secondary School: 49 kids

    Higher Education: 9 kids


    Number of sponsors: 397  

    Sponsored children: 381


    Nursery School: 67 kids

    Primary School: 273 kids

    Secondary School: 31 kids

    Higher Education: 10 kids



     Number of sponsors: 321  Sponsored children: 321


    Nursery School: 67 kids

    Primary School: 228 kids

    Secondary School: 21 kids

    Higher Education: 5 kids



    Number of sponsors: 295  Sponsored children: 295


    Nursery School: 95 kids

    Primary School: 183 kids

    Secondary School: 16 kids

    Higher Education: 1 kids



    Number of sponsors: 149  Sponsored children: 149


    Nursery School: 58 kids

    Primary School: 77 kids

    Secondary School: 14 kids

    Higher Education: 0 kids



    Number of sponsors: 37 Sponsored children: 37


    Nursery School: 18 kids

    Primary School: 14 kids

    Secondary School: 3 kids

    Higher Education: 2 kids


  • Financial & Activity Year Reports 2016 till 2022 

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    Financial Year Report 2022

    2022 was an interesting year with many ups anddowns. The schools finally opened, and our children could return to school. However, the schools had to increase their prices, due to higher food prices. And, the exchange rate dropped, meaning we were getting less Uganda shilling for each euro donated. However thankfully we got again the support of our community, that made it happen that all our children could stay in school and no kid had to drop out. We could also continue with our extra programs, such as our Music Program and Computer Program which we had started during Covid-19. We also continued with our Local Leadership Program to strengthen the skills of our team on the ground. Another highlight was that we had finished to build the water bore hole for the community in Jinja. We also planted trees at one of our partner schools in Jinja and build a soccer field for them. Also, our Board Member Romana Oosterbeek came to visit us for the second time in Uganda with her Boyfriend Ad Lancee. Both are supporting our kids since many years now and started several fundraisers for them. We also finally did again a Social Impact Trip with Stella and Steffi and had 6 participants who visited the kids they sponsor. In the middle of the year, we had a hard time when one of our team members, Atim Scovia, died at the age of 35 years young. Furthermore, we changed the structure of how our Small Business Program is working in Uganda. At the end of the year the schools had toclose earlier than planned because of an Ebola outbreak, which thankfully stayed under control. By the end of the year, we could proudly say that we grew to 493 sponsored children and even our Founder Stella Airoldi surprised us in Uganda to celebrate Christmas and New Years with 22STARS.

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    Financial Year Report 2021

    2021 was like a wild rollercoaster ride with never-ending twists and turns, from nail-biting elections to schools opening and shutting down again. But our team superhero-ed through it all, keeping kids safe and sound. We even went the extra mile, providing families with extra food and continuing home-schooling. We launched our Music Program, and our Computer Literacy Program got a boost, with more homework help for our children. Thanks to our generous sponsors, volunteers, and team members, we ended the year with 440 sponsored kids, and added 20 more in December. Our Founder, Stella Airoldi, visited Uganda four times over the year, keeping tabs on the programs. But there was no time to put our feet up. With most kids at our centers instead of school, we had our hands full making schedules, hiring teachers, and providing meals, sanitation facilities, supplies, and materials. We also launched the Local Leadership Program, working with Dutch Business Consultant Joelle Verkooijen, to strengthen the team's capacity building in Uganda. Though we explored starting our own school, we realized it wasn't the best fit for our programs which are in large cities. But we did get a hefty one-time donation, which we used to build a water borehole, invest in solar energy, and cover medical bills, clothes, and more laptops for our Computer Program. Phew, what a year!

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    Financial Year Report 2020

    Wow, what a whirlwind year for our Organisation! Things started off on a high note with two amazing Social Impact Trips in Uganda for our donors and sponsors in February 2020. But then, life threw us some serious curveballs. Schools shut down, the airport closed, and a lockdown meant no cars on the streets. And just when we thought it couldn't get any crazier, we found ourselves in the middle of a riot due to the presidential election chaos. But, through it all, our sponsors and donors stood by our side! We built toilets, launched a Computer Literacy Program, provided homework help and distance learning, and even Covid relief aid to our communities. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, team, and volunteers, we were able to grow to 380 sponsored kids by the end of 2020, and even added another 35 in December, bringing our total to 415! Founder Stella was able to visit Uganda in January and February, but then got stuck due to the airport closure and couldn't return until the end of November. Susan Laker stepped up to lead the project in Kampala, and Aidah Wafula took charge in Jinja - where there were some major changes, like buying a Foundation car and moving to a larger office for the children! To help coordinate all the work, Aidah's husband David Wafula got more involved and became our program coordinator. Talk about a team effort!

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    Financial Year Report 2019

    What a year it was! Thanks to our amazing sponsors and volunteers, we were able to spread our wings and grow our family of sponsored kids to 319 by the end of 2019! But, we didn't stop there. We realized that quality is what really matters, so we invested more in our After-School programs, providing homework help and support for their basic needs. Our weekly hot meals, small business programs, and health initiatives continued to be a huge hit. We couldn't have done it without our rockstar team, including Eye-care sponsor R. Walzer from ‘WirhelfenSehen’ who visited us in Uganda for the second time with his family, making sure more families and kids have access to eye care. We even had a volunteer, Lucy Mueller, for our Eye Program for three months in Uganda and started to send two students to optician school. A film maker, Jannik Gramm, captured our story and projects through video, while our Founder, Stella Airoldi, spoke at conferences throughout Europe and visited Uganda four times for more than a month each time! We also welcomed 10 sponsors for a Social Workation and our 22STARS ambassador, Stefanie Oeffner, co-organized a Social Impact Trip, bringing 8 more girls to Uganda in May. Our team leaders, Susan Laker and Aidah Wafula, kept everything running smoothly in Kampala and Jinja. We celebrated Independence Day, Women's Day, and Christmas together, making memories that will last a lifetime! 

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    Financial Year Report 2018

    In 2018, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of our Foundation and received ANBI (Public Benefit) Status from the Netherlands. Our core focus remained on providing holistic education, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Throughout the year, we continued providing weekly hot meals to children, delivering small business trainings, and offering zero-interest loans. We also expanded our programs, creating a Health Program with a specific emphasis on eye care, thanks to the help of our sponsor R. Walzer from WirhelfenSehen, who visited us in March 2018. A significant highlight in 2018 was the visit of our Kampala project leader Susan Laker to Europe to meet sponsors and participate in the Nomad Cruise, where she spoke alongside Stella Airoldi about our initiatives. Additionally, 17 sponsors of the children visited our projects in Uganda in March and September. Susan Laker continued to lead the Kampala project, while Aidah Wafula oversaw the Jinja project. Stella Airoldi, the founder of 22STARS Foundation, visited Uganda in January, March, August, and September. As a result of our efforts, we were able to grow the number of sponsored children from 180 in 2017 to 295 by the end of 2018.

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    Financial Year Report 2017

    Bam! The 22STARS Foundation sprang to life in March 2017, but the fundraising and program planning had already begun in 2016. So, let's compare the two years to see what happened! Our foundation aimed to rock five pillars: education, nutrition, development, after-school activities, and small businesses. 2017 was jam-packed with sizzling achievements: hot meals served weekly, parent conferences, small business training plus zero-interest loans, plus a new outreach in the Danida area of Jinja, AND the Acholi Quarter area in Kampala. We enrolled 180 kids in school, and sponsors flew to Uganda to see the magic firsthand. Our founding superstar, Stella Airoldi, made three trips to Uganda in March/ April, July/August, and October/November. We're just getting started!

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    Financial Year Report 2016

    Hold onto your hats! Even though 22STARS Foundation only officially registered as a foundation in March 2017, we're already bursting with pride to share how we put donations to use through our GoFundMe campaign and generous individual sponsors who specifically adopted a child. You heard it right: 100% of the donation money was spent on the kiddos! We started fundraising for school fees through GoFundMe in December 2015 and by 2016, we were able to start paying for school fees, medicine, clothes, food, and other expenses. Our founder, Stella Airoldi was herself in Uganda in March, April, October, and November 2016 to make sure everything was running smoothly.

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