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    Be amazed by the love and hope you will bring to a child that will last a lifetime.

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    Sponsorship is a long-term* commitment and happens through a recurring payment plan. You can choose between Monthly, Quarterly or Annually.


    *In Uganda the education of a child starts with Nursery School (3 years), then Primary School (7 years) and then Secondary School (minimum 4 years) followed by a two year Course. If a child has a high performance, then the child can also complete class 5 and 6 and join University. In quite a lot of cases children have a challenging home situation, we send then a primary school child to Boarding section. 


    In case you need to end your sponsorship, please let us know four months in advance. When the child goes from Primary School to Secondary school, we will let you know ahead of time. You can then double your payment plan or we will look for a co-sponsor.

  • Be the hero they need. Ensure that children without sponsors can receive an additional term of education.

    Donate once to keep them in school and give us all some extra time to find them a sponsor!

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  • If you have the power to make someone happy, do it.

    The world needs more of that.

    When a child receives an education, their future is brighter and their dreams become a possibility. When a child goes to school, he will no longer need to beg in the streets for food. An educated child will be better able to find employment to secure a future for them and their family; helping them to break the poverty cycle. An education child can be informed much earlier about their health and wellbeing thus, reducing the chances of child marriage, early pregnancies and HIV/AIDS contraction.


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    Child Labour still happens

    Most of the children that we are sponsoring, have to work to earn a living.

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    Education is the key!

    Thanks to our sponsors and team on the ground, we are able to send 500 kids to school.

    Can you imagine that your child would grow up illiterate?

    At our 22STARS projects in Uganda, this is the sad truth for many parents and children. Twenty years of civil war took a heavy toll on the Ugandan people. The parents of the 22STARS children fled from northern Uganda to Kampala, where they sought refuge from the war between the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and Joseph Kony. They settled in "Acholi Quarter" and ended up living in an area centred around several stone quarries. Even children as young as 3 years old, have to work, crushing stones, to earn money for food. Although there is now peace in Uganda, the battle against poverty in the Acholi Quarters continues.


    In 2020 the literacy rate in Uganda was 76.53%, the lack of education not only limits prospects for the future and has an impact on economic stability and health, but can also put people at risk of trafficking and exploitation. Furthermore, by keeping girls in school, the rates of child marriage and teen pregnancy significantly decrease. We want a better future for these children and their communities, and for that they need education. Once they are doctors, engineers, teachers or whatever their dream is, they will become change-makers and able to give back to their community. Educating children will benefit the whole economy in Uganda. We have a holistic approach to education, and hence on top of sending them to school, we run additional programs that benefit these children and their families.

  • What does a sponsorship provide?

    • School Fees
    • School Uniforms *
    • School Tours
    • Registration Fee
    • Exam Fees
    • Transport
    • Meals in School
    • Home visits and family support
    • Tutoring and mentoring
    • General costs to run the program

    This is calculated taken the average cost, as the costs slightly differ per school.


    We ask the parents to buy some small school supplies for the children, such as notebooks, pens and toilet paper, so that they stay responsible and connected with their children as well.


    *Normally School Uniforms exists of a day-uniform, sweater, sportswear and when budget allows shoes and a bag. In 2021 the exchange rate was 1 euro = 4200 UGX. Now in 2022, 1 euro = 3600 UGX. Additionally the prices of products went up! Therefore this year the sponsorship covers only the day-uniform and sportswear and for future sponsors we needed to increase the fees. With extra donations we hand out bags, shoes and sweaters, for which we fundraise here.

  • What do you receive?


    • You will choose or be assigned to a child and get their specific information

    • You will receive access to our private FaceBook group with regular updates

    • You will receive 3 times a year the school report of your child

    • You can exchange letters and photos with your child

    • You will be mentioned on our website (or opt to be anonymous)

    • You will receive a donation receipt (we are registered in the Netherlands as a tax-deductible ANBI)


    Over time you will see how your support is helping to transform the life of your sponsored child, and the lives of people around them. The ripple effects of your kindness will be felt for many years to come.

  • Education Impact 2024


    Enjoy these numbers, thanks to 705 sponsors!


    We've been on this upward journey for a solid 8 years now!🎉"

    Between 2023 and 2024, 40 children transitioned to Secondary School, and 150 primary school children needed Boarding facilities, leading to a doubling of their sponsorship donations. Our priority lies in emphasizing quality over quantity in a child's education, ensuring successful completion of higher education. To support children on their educational journey to the fullest, we introduced Co-Sponsorships. We are expanding the number of sponsors per child and are only slowly adding new kids to the program.. Additionally, we introduced extra programs benefiting both the children and their community. Depending on current needs, we occasionally prefer to attract new donors to support these programs, instead of solely focusing on enrolling more children/sponsors. This way, we ensure the continued well-being of our current children. ♥

  • 2023 

    Number of sponsors: 584

    Sponsored children: 485


    Nursery School: 58 kids

    Primary School: 331 kids

    Secondary School: 89 kids

    Higher Education: 7 kids  


    Number of sponsors: 552

    Sponsored children: 493


    Nursery School: 93 kids

    Primary School: 334 kids

    Secondary School: 57 kids

    Higher Education: 9 kids


    Number of sponsors: 489

    Sponsored children: 440

    Nursery School: 78 kids

    Primary School: 304 kids

    Secondary School: 49 kids

    Higher Education: 9 kids


    Number of sponsors: 397  

    Sponsored children: 381


    Nursery School: 67 kids

    Primary School: 273 kids

    Secondary School: 31 kids

    Higher Education: 10 kids




    Number of sponsors: 321  

    Sponsored children: 321


    Nursery School: 67 kids

    Primary School: 228 kids

    Secondary School: 21 kids

    Higher Education: 5 kids



    Number of sponsors: 295  

    Sponsored children: 295


    Nursery School: 95 kids

    Primary School: 183 kids

    Secondary School: 16 kids

    Higher Education: 1 kids



    Number of sponsors: 149  

    Sponsored children: 149


    Nursery School: 58 kids

    Primary School: 77 kids

    Secondary School: 14 kids

    Higher Education: 0 kids



    Number of sponsors: 37

    Sponsored children: 37


    Nursery School: 18 kids

    Primary School: 14 kids

    Secondary School: 3 kids

    Higher Education: 2 kids


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