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    The founder of the 22STARS Foundation, Stella Airoldi , needs your help to keep all programs at 22STARS running in 2024. Additionally we are on a mission to find 100 new sponsors and pave the way to school for many more children in Uganda!


    Simply make a one time or recurring dontation for one of our programs, you can pick one in the designation menu.


    And or sign up for a monthly (€25), quarterly (€75) or annual (€300) donation plan and enable a child to attend school. And who knows, you might even send several children to school just by setting your own amount. Receive updates, exchange letters, and even plan a visit if you're ever in Uganda! Your support is key to shaping a child's future.


    Children attend school for several years. If you have to sit out, please let us know in advance so we can find a new sponsor. And if a long-term commitment is too much for you, don't worry! One-off donations of any amount are just as awesome and help us immensely!


    And of course we would love if join us and fundraise on our behalf! Perhaps you have people in your network / community who would be the right fit to support our kids.


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    The 22STARS Foundation accompanies 502 children on their educational journey, from kindergarten to university. To ensure their success, we offer additional support beyond the classroom. In Uganda we run a variety of cool programs to provide additional support to the children and community. From computer and music lessons to providing clean water, microcredit and additional food.


    You can choose to donate anonymously or donate under your own name or that of your company and leave a comment on our donor wall. Sharing your donation often motivates others and we love hearing from our new supporters!


    Join our mission and make a difference – thank you for being part of this amazing journey!


    Stella Airoldi - Foundation 22STARS


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  • All our programs are community based and are accessible for everyone living within the communities we work in, which are Acholi Quarter in Kampala and Danida in Jinja, Uganda. Both areas have a high number of internally displaced people, who battle with extreme poverty, illiteracy, HIV/aids and postwar trauma to name a few things. Our programs are run fully by our Ugandan team, who we have known since 2009 and who live themselves within our project areas. Susan Laker runs the Kampala project , Aidah Nambozo the Jinja project, David Wafula helps in both Kampala and Jinja, while our founder Stella Airoldi does the fundraising and sponsor communcation part.


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