Support Emergency Needs

    As life happens, unexpected needs pop up for which we fundraise on this page.













  • Help us fund these emergency needs of the children


    Whenever an emergency situation arises we create a specific fundraisers, to make sure that the donation goes to this particular cause. In the goal meter you can see how far we got.

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    Keep children without a sponsor in school for another term!

    Make a one time donation for their education so they will not be send back home and we win time!
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    Donate for Student Laptops

    We need to buy 20 student laptops a 130 euro for 2600 euro


    Especially our students in higher institutions need to make use of a computer in order to perform better. Please help them out!

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    Donate for a small house for Joan

    We need to raise 1800 euro to give them shelter


    Joan and her mother lost their home due to domestic violence. We want to help them build a small one room house, so they can have a safe shelter again.

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    Donate for small house for Sabina

    We need to raise 1250 euro to give them shelter 

    Sabina and her grandfather are living in a house that is in very bad condition and lets rain in. We would love to build a new one room house for them to stay safe. 

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    Donate for holiday support Orhpans

    We need to support 10 kids in Jinja through holiday


    Many of our children lost their parents this year and hence will stay during the holiday in school.

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    Donate for sweaters and sportswear in Jinja

    We need to raise 3500 euro to give them uniforms


    Becaue of the increase in school fees the sponsorship money was not enough for sweaters and sportswear.

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    Repair our kids center in Kampala

    We need to raise 1500 euro to build a new center 

    Due to a heavy storm our old center and kitchen collapsed. We need to construct now a new building to continue our programs.

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    Donate for mattresses

    We need to buy 50 mattresses a 30 euro for 4350 euro


    Did you know that many of the children sleep on the floor, since mattresses are expensive for their families? Please help them out!

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    Donate for support to Nicholas and Emmanuel

    We need to raise 350 euro per child for their basic needs


    Nicholas and Emmanuel are two of our sponsored boys, who have lost both their parents this April. We set up a fundraiser for them to help them with extra support!

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    Donate for waterfilters

    We need to buy 80 filters a 50 euro for 4000 euro


    Due to bad drinking water we have many children that got pox, worms and other diseases. In order to make sure the children get less sick.