launch an exclusive NFT collection to Fight Hunger  

  • UBUNATION teams up with the 22STARS Foundation to launch the thrilling "22STARS Fight Hunger Crane Charity Collection Campaign." This very important project is on a mission to secure a Maize Field to feed 500 children in the bustling slums of Kampala and Jinja with weekly meals. Through the sale of 10,000 unique NFT images featuring Uganda's majestic crane birds, this initiative is paving the way to buy a Maize Field and tackle hunger for the children 22STARS supports.


    The campaign marks a significant stride towards improving the welfare of disadvantaged children by merging technology and philanthropy. Purchasing a unique crane bird digital collectible for $7 enables supporters to help reach a $70,000 goal to supply weekly nutritious meals to children in Uganda, securing a better future for them.


    But wait, there's more! In addition to receiving a unique limited-edition crane bird image with each donation, supporters of our campaign will be further inspired by our new “Voice of the Campaign” feature. Every month, we highlight a distinguished supporter "voice" who enhances our campaign with exclusive giveaways.


    These special tokens of appreciation from our "Voices" include VIP experiences, limited-edition swag, and heartwarming personalized surprises and products. Carefully chosen to represent the unique contributions of each featured voice. These giveaways serve as a mark of honor and a compelling incentive for our donors to continue supporting our cause, keeping the spirit of giving alive and kicking.


    Heissam Hartmann, the Founder of UBUNATION, emphasizes: “this campaign goes beyond creating a mere collectible; we are fighting hunger and paving the way for a brighter future for the children of Uganda. It showcases the possibilities when technology, compassion, and united efforts come together."


    Stella Airoldi, Founder of 22STARS Foundation, added, “Our motto is `Education is Key`, but with an empty stomach studying becomes challenging. That's why we aim to provide additional nutritious meals to our 500 sponsored children after school at our center, where they engage in homework, music & computer study, and playtime. Each NFT sold brings us closer to acquiring our own maize field, ensuring that none of our 22STARS kids will go to bed hungry again. By offering these extra meals, we aim to reduce illnesses and enhance academic performance among the children, paving them a way for a successful career.

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    ... is derived from "Ubuntu," a Southern African Bantu term for "humanity towards others," and "nation," signifying a community sharing language, culture, and morals. Our vision is to create the largest platform for positive change, uniting a global community dedicated to making the world better. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of humanitarians and activists to perform acts of kindness and charity, rewarding them with digital collectibles, unique experiences, and more. UBUNɅTION is a compassionate and respectful community founded on kindness.

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    22STARS Foundation

    ... is run by Susan Laker, Aidah Wafula (Ugandan) and Stella Airoldi (Dutch/German). The trio first met in Uganda in 2009. Years of witnessing how entrepreneurship and education impacted Susan’s life, was the inspiration and motivation for the three to align their powers and start 22STARS. Our mission is to empower families in Uganda to rise above poverty. We use an integrated approach and focus on the development of economic, social, natural, human, and cultural capital. 22STARS collaborates with communities in Acholi Quarter in the capital Kampala and Danida in Jinja, who live in extreme poverty after having fled conflict zones in Northern Uganda and neighbouring countries. Currently 502 children are sponsored by 22STARS and the kids and their community benefit from the extra development programs.

  • JOIN US!

    Become a voice of the 22STARS Charity Campaign

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    Join the Support Team for the 22STARS Crane Bird Collection here on UBUNɅTION and lend your "voice" to the cause.

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    You authorize us to use your name and image in collaboration with 22STARS to boost the visibility of the charity campaign.

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     Together, we will collaboratively curate the physical and/or digital rewards to be shared among the donors to the campaign.


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    We will jointly announce our partnership, and you will receive a personalized collage image for your social media.

  • Campaign information

    Support the 22STARS Fight Hunger Crane Bird Charity Collection on UBUNɅTION 

    For every donation, receive an exclusive digital collage image in support of 22STARS. Each donation contributes to the organization, and every donor has the chance to receive special rewards.


    Example Rewards from the ULT Voices


    Meet & Greet

    Personalized Video



    Game & Concert


    Signed Merchandise

    Open for new ideas

    How to raise 70k$+?





    10K digital collage images are on the horizon, featuring a diverse array of trading cards. Each one is priced at $7 and comes with guaranteed rewards. Enthusiasts can proudly showcase their distinctive digital trading cards on social media, inspiring others to join the community.

    10K digital collage images are on the horizon, featuring a diverse array of trading cards. Each one is priced at $7 and comes with guaranteed rewards. Enthusiasts can proudly showcase their distinctive digital trading cards on social media, inspiring others to join the community.

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  • Benefits 

    For 22STARS

    This campaign is generating significant awareness and will contribute funds to support the NGO 22STARS and their valuable projects.

    For You as Voice

    Position yourself as a advocate for worthy causes, dedicated to raising awareness for the 22STARS Campaign.

    For Fans & Donors

    By supporting a cause close to their hearts, standing with voices they trust, and becoming part of a community committed to doing good, they also have the opportunity to access exclusive rewards.

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    Heissam Hartmann 

    Founder UBUNATION 

    E-Mail: heissam@ubunation.com

    Mobile: +4917 232 59 489

    Website: www.ubunation.com

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    Stella Airoldi

    Founder 22STARS

    E-Mail: stella@foundation22stars.org

    Mobile: +31 6 13 51 89 90

    Website: www.foundation22stars.org