for sponsoring the education of one or more of our children! We will email you within a week our Welcome Letter. Then three times a year we will email you the school report of your child. If we have big news we send you an additional email in between. Especially in our Instagram stories you can see what we are daily up to.


    Please save info@foundation22stars.org and also stella.airoldi@gmail.com to your email contact to not miss out. We often happen to end up in SPAM so check your folder by times. Also if you think you haven`t heard from us in a while and would like an update, just send us an email!

  • Do you like to connect more with the child you sponsor?


    Then don't hesitate to email any time a year a letter and/or make an extra gift donation specifically for your child. He/she will love it! We send back the kids reply with a picture once a quarter. (Due to some kids being in boarding school

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    Donate for a gift

    You can send any time a year something extra to your child. For example, when it is their birthday, they had a good school report or just to give them some extra food and help. You can donate any amount you like, and write in your comment the name and number of your child. We will then make sure that your child gets what they need most (our project manager will assess this together with their family). Besides making a one time donation; consider signing up for a recurring donation, which we will use for extra meals for your child (or whatever they need most).

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    Send a letter

    Write in a Word document at the top of the page the number and name of your child (written in your Welcome Certificate and our email communications). Write then your message in English (you can also insert pictures). Save the document with the number and name of the child and email us the document (maximum 2 pages).

    Please note, the exchange rate changed from 1.- euro = 4400,-UGX, to 1,-euro = 3650,-UGX. Also prices of products and food went up by 20% in Uganda, hence with 1,-euro we can buy way less than we used to and why prices of gifts went up.

  • Education Impact 2024


    Enjoy these numbers, thanks to 705 sponsors!

  • Join our Facebook Group

    Our project leaders post regular updates in our private Facebook group which is specifically for our longterm sponsors. This is for us the easiest medium to share with you many pictures without spamming your mailbox. Feel free to engage with our posts and ask us questions!