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    In order to continue with our Music Classes, we need € 5.040 euro a year, which comes down to € 420,- a month. The goal meter indicates how much we have raised for the year 2022.

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    Within the communities we work, music has traditionally been considered essential for educating, communicating, and imparting discipline to the younger generation. However, access to music instruments is extremely limited because instruments are very costly and there is no music school or center close by. Parents and elders have played the role of instructors, transferring the skills to children through riddles, storytelling, myths, traditional dance, playing local instruments and proverbs. The communities believe that these artistic skills prepare children for adult life. What the communities lack is a center where music and dance can take place.

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    Especially our project leaders in Jinja, David and Aidah, stressed for the importance of having a music program. Hence 22STARS took it upon themselves to fill the gaps in knowledge provided by the public school system to enable our kids to receive music and dance classes within our community centers. In April 2021 we set up our music program andbought our first musical instruments: bass guitar, bow harp, solo guitar, classic guitar, acoustic guitar, drum set, keyboard, micro phones, and speakers. We had a music trainer from the USA, Alex Valencia, who helped us for a couple of months to set up the music classes with our local teachers. Besides learning new skills, the music classes also help the children with stress and kept them motivated. We enrolled three Ugandan music teachers to start teaching the first four groups of 20 children intensively. Additionally, we have groups of 40 children who participate in our dance and music note classes and had already the possibility to get already familiar with some of the instruments. We offer music classes every day of the week, from 2PM to 4PM.

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    The program has been running smoothly since its inception and we are seeing a great improvement in our children. We are now seeking further support to cover our recurring costs. We pay for our three music teachers, exercise materials and the maintenance of the instruments, for this we need €250,- a month, which is €3.000,- a year. With extra donations we would love to expand our program bits by bits to Kampala.

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