• Emergency due to floods Kampala 2024


  • Support families whose homes have collapsed because of the recent floods in April 2024❤️

    Support families whose homes have collapsed because of the recent floods in April 2024. ❤️

    We are seeking assistance for our 22STARS families and their neighbours who are impacted by the recent floods in Kampala. Heavy rain caused the lagoon to overflow, resulting in houses and belongings being washed away, including those of our 22STARS children and their families. Additionally, the toilets were destroyed, leaving human waste everywhere. The children and their families are now homeless and in need of support to rebuild and replace everything. We would love to provide essential items to help them survive. For more details, please visit our emergency fundraising campaign.




    Project Location: Acholi Quarter Banda 1 Kampala

    Names of the Families affected by the Flood: Lanyero Stella, Akena Milly Grace, Okumu David, Wawiye Peter, Caal Alice, Byaruhanga Edmond.

    Number of the Families affected: Lanyero Stella has 6 kids (2 are 18 years and above and 4 are 5years below), Akena Milly Grace has 8 kids (3 kids are 18 years and above 5 are 10 years and below including grand children), Okumu David has 5 kids all are 10 years below, wawiye Peter has 8 kids (all are 13 years below), Caal Alice has 2 kids (one is 16 years above and one is 8 years and above), Byaruhanga Edmond has 4 kids ( all are 14 years and below). 12 parents (6 fathers and 6 mothers) and 33 kids in total.


    Proposal program: For relief like Food, Mattresses, Blankets, Utensils and Clothing to support the affected families.


    Estimated amount: 15,000,000


    Explanation: we had heavy rain that caused floods and there was a open soft septic pit lagoon which was very deep and large so with the heavy rain it busted and contributed to heavy rain and destroyed all the house holds of the affected houses and also broke some houses making some of them becoming homeless and also two kids lost their lives during scenarios because it happened at night and others managed to escape while others failed, others saved some of their properties and others failed. So, these families are really traumatized and they need support from other people.


    Reason: When this happened, the affected people went and spent a night in the community hall and the community leaders and the police came to our office seeking for any relief assistance we can give those people who were affected if possible. The all community will be so grateful for 22Stars foundation for your kind support.


    The following 22STARS children are directly affected: 15 otim joel; 2 ocheng emmanuel ; 159 nakato gift ; 158 nakato joined; 401 Oisoga John bosco ; 50 ochaya emmanuel ; 441 kumagum Daniel Rudiger ; 9 opio Joseph ; 51 Okane edmond ; 6 mwaka Walter ; 19 aloyo Victoria mercy ; 136 agenorwot Gloria ; 431 ejataru Lillian ; 430 amanzi Sharon ; 76 adjidiru Easter


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