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Why we love receiving our donations through Donorbox

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Why we use Donorbox as donation platform

Since so many of you have been asking us why we rather not receive your donations through our bank account or Paypal, we have decided to write a blog post to explain you why is our favorite payment method compared to direct bank transfer or Paypal. 

  1. We can collect people their email addresses to keep them updated regarding the impact they have been making with their donations!
  2. We can get additional information from them, like whether they like to subscripe to our newsletter, sponsor a child, visit us to Uganda and so on.
  3. PayPal has higher fees commission and people usually do not cover their PayPal administrative fees, whereas DonorBox asks people to cover the extra fees. Often when we receive a bank transfer we do not understand what the donation is for and we do not get the donors details. 
  4. With DonorBox we can keep track very easily of donations, we receive the e-mail addresses of the people who donated and we know to which children the donations goes to. 
  5. DonorBox allows us to provide automatically an end of the year tax receipt, including all the donations and campaigns a sponsor donate to. This saves us a lot of time.
  6. If a recurring subscription does not go through, because the sponsor changed their credit carc for example, it will automatically email the sponsor to ask for an updated payment method.
  7. Donorbox had proven to be cheaper than other fundraising platforms, as its fees are 1.5 percent if we collect more than 1.000 euros per month, and completely free is we collect less. Moreover, during our COVID-19 campaign it waived all the fees.
  8. DonorBox offers recurring subscriptions which for us means a lot less administrative time in sending donors payment reminders, plus it allows us to receive regular donations from sponsors!

To make it simple, we prefer this payment method as it is cheaper and has been saving us a lot of time and administrative costs.