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How to sponsor one of our 22STARS children

Make an impact: change a child's life

· Holistic Education
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If you would like to sponsor a child, you can check out one of our kids currently looking for a sponsor following this link:
We can also pick a child for you, as we are always enrolling new kids to the program.

The estimated costs for sending children to school are the following:

Kindergarten and Primary school kids are 240 euro a year / 80 euro per term / 20 euro per month

Secondary school kids are 480 euro a year / 160 euro per term / 40 euro per month

Boarding school kids are 960 euro a year / 320 euro per term / 80 euro per month

Once you pick your child you can make your yearly or termly donation by using our Donorbox feature where you will also write down the name of the child you chose.

We will then send you your welcome letter and sponsor certificate

  • Payment: You can sign up for a quarterly, termly or yearly payment through our Donorbox Feature.
  • ANBI: We are a Dutch Tax Deductible Public Benefit Institution. If you paid through Donorbox you will receive at the end of the year automatically a donation certificate in your email inbox with all the donations you have made this year. For country-specific tax advice, please ask your tax adviser.
  • School system: In Uganda, each year has three school terms with one month holiday in between. The first term starts around end of January till end of April. The second term end of May till end of August. And the third term starts mid-September till mid-December. Some schools start a bit earlier or later. After the Christmas Holidays, the kids get promoted to a new class!
    • Nursery School has three classes from Baby Class, Middle Class to Top Class.
    • Primary School is from P-1 up to P-7 when the kids take the National Exam.
    • Secondary school is from S-1 up to S-4 or even S-6, depending on the child’s ability. Alternatively, we send children to a training institute where they learn a specific course.
  • School reports & personal messages: You will receive by email School Reports from the specific child you sponsor around February, June and October each year! You can hit the reply button and write your child a message back, we print them out and give it to them! You can also send us an additional donation (on their birthday for example) from which we will buy a gift and cake for the child and support for their family. Pictures will be posted in our Facebook group!
  • Change from Nursery/ Primary to Secondary School:  if you signed up for a child that is now in Nursery/ Primary School, it will go at one point to a Secondary School. We will email you when this will happen. You can then decide to either double the amount of your subscription to support the child fully or to split it with another sponsor. We will do our upmost best to find an additional sponsor as soon as possible, to ensure that the child can continue his/ her education.
  • Cancellation: If you like to cancel your sponsorship, you can either let us know four months in advance or you can stop immediately your subscription and pay one more school term upfront.  This will allow us to have enough time to find a new sponsor for the child and avoid the situation that the school will send the child back home to work for food and fees.
  • Additional Programs: Our Sponsorship Program of more than 375 children is part of our Holitic Education Program. Besides sending kids to school, we also take care of them after school: we provide them with homework help and make sure their basic needs are met. Additionally we run a Small Business and Microloans Project, Eye-Healthcare Project, and a Nutrition Project.  These projects are financed by one time donations and recurring donation plans that can be any amount and can be cancelled anytime; you can learn more on our website under Projects and subscribe here to support:
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