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Top 5 myths about child sponsorship

and the truth about it

· Holistic Education

1. Myth: It’s not a “real” child. More people sponsor one child.

Truth: Each child in our sponsorship programs is matched with one sponsor, so you are the only sponsor for your sponsored child. Those are real children and throughout the time we will give you the chance to know your child through letters and photos. You can also get them a presents if you’d like.You can even come in one of our social impact trip and visit your child and see for yourself how your donation is transforming the community.

2. Myth: I can contact my child anytime I want.

Truth: We have 375 kids and just 2 local project managers, so as much as our children LOVE to receive your letters and presents, we cannot send our project managers to the kids on a daily basis. We have set up certain times in which we do that, so if you do not receive an answer immediately, just be patient, as we love for our sponsor to be in touch with our children and for our children to know that they are loved. Beside, once you become a donor you will be able to access our private facebook group where our project managers will keep you posted on our children and what they are up to on a daily basis.

3. Myth: I only have to sponsor a child for one year.

Truth: We have had occasionally sponsors that have supported a child for a few terms and then dropped out, and even though we are really grateful for their help, our goal is to offer continuity to a child’s education until the end of his/her school career. Obviously if you cannot continue the sponsorship of a child for personal reason we understand, but as a general rule we encourage you to commit to a long-term sponsorship. So if you are starting a sponsorship when a child is in kindergarten or in primary school, we expect you to continue to support him/her until the end of his/her secondary school studies. If you for any reason you will not be able to keep up with the sponsorship please let us know in a timely manner, so we will be able to find a new sponsor on time and the child will not miss school.

4. Myth: It’s an old-fashioned, outdated way of doing development work and it’s just a temporary help that will create dependencies on NGO’s

Truth: Self-sufficiency is our primary goal for child sponsorship communities.
This is why we have also put in place a micro-credit program to help the families of the children we sponsor, and we make sure that our children will get the best education they can so they will themselves break the poverty chain.

5. Myth: My sponsorship won’t really make a difference.

Truth: It makes all the difference.Sponsoring a child is even more powerful and life changing than you could have imagined. A child you are sponsoring today will grow up to become a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, a political leader, a professional. Beside, providing a sustaining donation allow us to budget and plan ahead and make a long term-investment in our communities in Jinja and Kampala.

So would you like to make a real difference?

Then think no more and join our family:

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