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Food distribution among Covid19 crisis in Jinja

Thanks to generous donors we were able to give meals

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Since the start of the pandemic and the closure of schools in Uganda, volunteers have been working tirelessly on the campaign to provide meals for the families of the Foundation 22Stars. In Uganda our team on the ground recevied permission from the local council to distribute food to specifc families in a safe and secure way that abid all the regulations around the Corona Protection Measurements. Already, food has been distributed three times to these children and their families;

“It was too much joy seeing most of these families with smiles on their faces yet again and looks of hope again as well.” Aidah Nambozo - Project Manager, Jinja.

Preparations started in March to arrange all of the items, which included 6,000 kg of maize flour and 620 bars of soap. Each of the 141 families who benefited from these donations on a day in March and a day in April, received 50kg of maize flour and each child received 4 bars of soap. Additionally, families of sponsored children were given 3kg of silver fish, 3 kg of sugar and 2.5 kg of nuts.

"Each family that we reached out to with relief supplies were so gladdened and thankful for the hand of support and the run to their rescue in this worrying time the entire world is in currently.” – Aidah Nambozo - Project Manager, Jinja.

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The campaign continued despite Covid-19 restrictions banning large groups from coming together to collect food relief. Over two weeks, 60 families were able to pick up their donations of 25 kg of maize flour per family, with roughly 1500 kg distributed. Finally, the latest phase of the food relief distributions in July served 155 sponsored children who received 5 kg of maize flour and 4 kg of beans each.
These donated food items are vital for the children and families most especially during the pandemic. Lockdown is slowly starting to ease in Uganda but it is still not certain when children can return to school, where some received their only meal of the day.