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Computer Classes

A project for the people of the Danida area in Jinja, and the Acholi quarters in Kampala, Uganda

The computer program started in July 2020 in Jinja, and in July 2021 in Kampala.

The primary goal of the project is to bridge the technological gap between children living in the most impoverished communities of the areas we work in, which are the Acholi quarters in Kampala and the Danida area in Jinja, and those living in more privileged ones. Our goal is to make them equally competitive when entering the job market.

During the coronavirus pandemic, in which the country had experienced various lock-downs and schools and businesses were closed, our aim has been to teach our children those skills, so they could use this difficult time productively.

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We bought 5 computers in Jinja and 4 in Kampala, hired one teacher per each location, and we are teaching 30 children in Kampala and 40 in Jinja on a rotation basis (after 3 months, new children are enrolled in the program).

Computer classes take on both a theoretical and practical form. Under theory, the children are introduced to basic information and communication technology information on both computer hardware and software. Children are taught different computer programs such as MS word, Excel, Power Point, and internet browsing. The children are engaged in those classes on a daily basis for 3 hours during holidays and the lock-down period and on weekends during school days.

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If you would like to donate to our computer program, just follow the button below, select the amount you would like to give, the type of donation you enroll for (we offer options of one time donations or recurring ones), choose the designation of your donation and you are all set.

What is in for you? 

If you decide to support us you will receive a yearly report highlighting the outcome of our projects and the impact you have made!

Upon request we will mention you/your company on our website and in our social media channels: inspire others to give!

Upon request we will send you picture material that you can also publish on your website/ newsletter: make a difference!

Most importantly, you will empower our children and their families!

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