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Raquel Comprido spend one month in Uganda helping us at 22STARS!

How to make an impact as social nomad

Raquel Comprido, the founder and CEO of Right Buddy, a communication agency based in Lisbon and focused on social responsibility, has been with 22STARS in Uganda to make a social impact!

Raquel has been an enthusiastic supporter of 22STARS for a long time and she has been helping us through advocacy campaigns and charity events! I was so happy that this time she has decided to take an extra step and come and experience first hand what 22STARS is about.

Before her trip to Uganda Raquel organized a charity event in Lisbon and a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds for her trip and the projects! Raquel came to Uganda to take partly part of our Social Workation and partly to stay longer and volunteer. Given her specific skill set and the clear added value we saw for our foundation we invited Raquel to come to Uganda.

"Raquel supported 22STARS already from her home, but then decided to take the extra step and come to Uganda for a month!"

During her time with us Raquel has been involved in different activities, such as helping the project managers Susan Laker (for the Acholi quarter slum in Kampala) and David and Aidah Wafula (for the Danida slum in Jinja), to set up more extracurricular activities for the children and the women. She also offered extra English classes to the children who needed extra support, and trainings to our women designers on how to improve their jewellery business. Finally, she posted on her social media account daily reporting our activities and here with gaining new sponsors for the children of 22STARS and also a lot of new content for us to share on our pages.

"Raquel was interviewing the ladies about their life"

We make sure that you will get the maximum of your free time, by organizing great things. During Raquel her time here we organized a city tour, yoga classes, local meals together and went to some restaurants in Kampala. We also went on a 3 days trip to the Murchison Falls National Park.

"Our social workation is not just about work, but also about experience the local culture and the beauty of this country together with locals!"

It didn't took long until Raquel fell in love with the children at our project. Raquel decided to become the long-term sponsor of Esther. A little girl that was crying to also finally go to school. As her parents could not afford school fees, she had to stay home, until Raquel came. By being part now of our secret Facebook Group of the sponsors of the kids, Raquel can easily stay in contact with her sponsored child even after she left Uganda. We send sponsors also three times a year the school report of their child. To become a sponsor you pay only 15 euro a month, which is 180 euro a year!

"What does it cost to come to Uganda for a social workation or to volunteer?

This is a question that we heard a lot. So first of all let us explain the following: volunteering you can do throughout the year, while a social impact workation only takes place twice a year. During the Social Workation, 22STARS Founder Stella, will be there herself as well. She will held mastermind sessions with you and guide you through the whole process of how to make a bigger social impact with what you do. The idea is that people who are Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Location Independent Entrepreneurs, work on their own projects and do their own work during "working hours" or if they have more free time, they can help us with the 22STARS projects.

"We take care of everything, and all your local transport, food, accommodation and activities are covered.

We will take care of everything for you, we help you with your pre-arrival preparations, you get picked up from the airport, receive a welcome package with Sim-card, you will eat in nice restaurants, sleep in comfortable accommodation, and you have all master mind sessions, excursions and local transport booked for you (Hence go to the restaurant and back is covered!) So you basically have to pay nothing anymore once you are in Uganda, unless you like to buy yourself some souvenirs or drinks. As we are a group we will be able to negotiate better deals for you, than when you would decide to just come by yourself and do all alone.

"In addition a big amount of your money goes to our foundation and covers the costs of our people at the project.

In addition a big sum of the money goes to our projects! As we take also the people from our projects with us for sightseeing tours and the children to go swimming and to do other fun stuff we also cover their costs with the money you pay! The is is a very important factor which many people tend to forget. The people in the slum area live in extreme poverty, so when we have together meals, we obviously will also cover the costs of their food.

As you most likely will not speak one of our local languages like Luo, Lusoga and Luganda, our project managers will be with you full time to help you with the translation for your workshops and to show you around, hence your money will go straight towards their salaries!


All of this sounds good to you and you want to join us for the next workation and make a social impact? Please, find out more about our program HERE, and come join us! :)



1 week: 380 euro

2 weeks: 320 euro per week

3 weeks: 280 euro per week

4 weeks: 250 euro per week


Staying more than a month with us?

Then we offer you the special price of 200 euro a week.


  • Local food that you will have with our project managers
  • Basic accommodation
  • Transport from and to the airport
  • A city tour in Kampala/ Jinja
  • Welcome package with SIM card
  • Fee for our project managers
  • Pre-arrival support
  • 24 hour assistance in Uganda

If you come as a volunteer to Uganda you will stay in basic accommodation very close to our projects in either Kampala or Jinja. If you prefer you can also decide to volunteer at both locations. To get the most out of your volunteer trip we recommend a volunteer period of one month. You can come any time to Uganda to volunteer, unless it would be the same period as a social impact trip, as our project managers will be then too busy to also handle volunteers on the side.

As you will be not with other people, as is the case during the social impact workation and Stella will not be around, hence no mastermind sessions and no co-working and co-living. If you like to eat out in restaurants or go on a weekend trip you need to pay for this additionally (while it is included in the social impact workation). We also expect a lot of independence from you as a volunteer and that you take your work at the projects seriously and commit at least 20 hours a week to be there.

Please keep in mind that the price below also covers food and refreshments for the people in the project! If you give a workshop at our project you must understand that our people also need to eat and drink something, hence this will be covered with the fee you pay. We do not cover your flight, visa, medicine, local transportation, drinks, and activities, but are more than happy to help you with organizing these.

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