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The One Dollar Glasses project landed in UGANDA with Walzer!!

Family Walzer from Walzer Optic visited us in Uganda and brought One Dollar Glasses to our children!!

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The One Dollar Glasses project landed in UGANDA with Walzer!!

The sponsor of our 22STARS kid Jeremy, Daniel Walzer, came to visit us in Uganda with his brother and dad, who are running Walzer Optik. During their time here they have been measuring the eye sight of our families and children of Acholi Quarter in Kampala and Danida slum in Jinja, and handed out around 100 glasses from the non-profit organization One Dollar Glasses.

This is an amazing project as many people need a pair of glasses, but often can not afford it. These glasses consist of a lightweight, flexible spring steel frame and prefab lenses and can be locally manufactured with simple bending machines.

Worldwide, more than 150 million people would need a pair of glasses, but can not afford it.

This represents an amazing contribution for us, as glasses in Uganda are really expensive, not to mention how difficult it is the access to opticians or good quality glasses. Many people here are shortsighted or cannot see on a distance, and it is absolutely essential for the education of our children that they are able to see well the board and their notebook at school!

Daniel also came to visit his sponsor child Jeremy, who was super excited to show him his school and home.

Daniel also came here to visit his kid Jeremy, who he has been sponsoring since 2016. It was so heart touching when they met for the first time! Jeremy (who is 6 years old) was already excited for weeks knowing that his sponsor would come to Uganda, and he was so proud to show Daniel his home and school. He even told his mother to cook for his family so we all had lunch at their place. Jeremy actually planned to cook some duck for them, but when he heard his sponsor is vegan he sold them and bought him and his family some African shirts as a thank you. We also went swimming with him and his friends for a day.

It was such a great experience! I wish to encourage all sponsors to come one day to Uganda and visit their child! Also if you don't sponsor a child, but would like to get involved some how with our organization, please send us a message!

Wanna know more about Walzer's experience in Uganda? Check here their posts!

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