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Feed a child: 15.564 meals in 1.5 years for the 22STARS kids in Uganda!

Thank you Teller für Teller for providing food for the 22STARS kids!

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The 22STARS kids got 15.564 meals in 1.5 year!

Another mile stone! Thanks to Alexander Schledewits (who visited our project in Uganda last year) and his group Teller Für Teller (with more than 50 sponsors), we are giving the kids in Uganda since 1,5 years every week a hot meal! 15.564 meals to be precise!!

We started with a group of 60 children and grew to more than 270 kids by now! We are happy to mention that all the children in our program found a long-term sponsor who is supporting them with their education! In addition, we found sponsors who make general donations so we are able to pay the rent of the offices where the children take their lunch, pay for their chairs, plates and the cooking materials.

"Our group grew from 60 to 270 kids within the last 1,5 years! We spend zero euro on administration cost to achieve the maximum possible impact!"

In the report below you see how much money we have spent per week on food for the kids and the amounts that we have received from them. All money was spent directly on the food for the children and the necessary banc transfer costs, zero went to administration cost. Hence, we achieved the maximum impact that we could make!

On average a meal costed between 0.75 to 1,00 euro and we gave also a meal to the men and women who helped us cooking and taking care of the children. In addition, we handed out food bags in the holiday season, containing posho and beans, which meant providing extra meals for a cheaper price. Also, the exchange rate kept fluctuating between 3500 to 4300 UGX per euro, which explains why we sometimes could provide more meals for a certain amount and sometimes less.

We have at the moment 270 children in school and of course we hope that this number will keep increasing this year, hence we will take accordingly measures regarding the weekly meals. For the future months, we need to provide 110 meals in Jinja and 180 meals in Kampala weekly. This comes down to around 950 euro per four weeks, not counting extra food during holidays. As our budget, right now is a bit lower because of the huge increase of children, we hope to either raise more money for food or to make the meals for the children a bit simpler.

"Besides providing the children with a hot meal, the weekly meals also have a social function for the children and by buying locally we support the whole community!"

Did you know? The meals are not only important as it’s the only time a week that the children get a meal with meat or fish, but the Sunday meals also have a big social function. As all the children come together as a group, they are bonding and we can see how they are all doing.

And did you know that you also help the whole local community with the food donations?! We buy all our food locally and from different small stores! Hence making sure that everyone in the slum area benefits from the donation.

Besides the food we also provide the kids with emergency crisis response, when they fall sick or the roof of their house is about to fall on their heads for example. We also buy them clothes, mattresses, water filters and more of these things. If you like to become a monthly donor for these causes click here:

We are very happy and grateful with your support!

Much Love!

Stella Airoldi

Founder/ Board of Foundation 22STARS

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