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Birthday gift Stella to buy 22STARS kids uniform

make a difference!

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Stella's birthday wish:
uniforms for the kids! 
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Hi 22STARS friends!

I turned 33 years old on 11 July, and I would like to celebrate this with a picnic in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam on 13 July with who is around! Send me a message if you like to join! :) Last year I celebrated my birthday together with the children in Uganda, which was one of the best birthdays I ever had. This year I am not with them, but in about 6 weeks I will be back in Uganda! So when people asked me what I would like to receive as a gift, I didn't had to think long: something for the children!

I would like to buy 22STARS #EDUCATIONISTHEKEY uniforms for our children in Kampala! Right now we only have those uniforms for our 115 kids of our Jinja group, We need to buy an additional 185 uniforms for our Kampala group! 1 uniform is €8.00, which exist of a yellow t-shirt with print and a blue skirt for the girls and blue shorts for the boys. We need to raise €1480,- to give every child an uniform.
A big thanks for all your contributions, for this specific cause, or for the other times that you have contributed.
Your support makes a BIG difference!

Stella Airoldi

Founder/ Board of Foundation 22STARS

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