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Stefanie Oeffner participated at a social workation in March!

How to make an impact as social nomad for 22STARS

As many of you know the Foundation 22STARS hosts two social workations per year. The last one ended one month ago. And we had the pleasure to have Stefanie Oeffner, digital nomad and founder of the travel blog Travel to Pura Vida with us for three weeks. We are thrilled to share with you Steffi her experience and tell you more about our program!

The social workation is definitely an exciting and life changing experience, as you will engage in various activities, that include visiting our projects in Jinja and Kampala, and being involved first hands with our children and families. On top of this, you will also have time to continue to work on your own projects (if you are a digital nomad) and have enough free time in which you can go on amazing adventures with us.

Reconnect with nature, connect with local communities, work on your own stuff and get the maximum out of your free time to make a social impact!

While we do have a daily schedule and a fixed program, its up to you whether you like to join all the activities and how you will contribute! Of course we always welcome people with a strong passion and motivation and that want to donate their personal skills to our projects, but it is also enough if you want to come to give your love to our beautiful children!!! :)

Stefanie did a fundraiser for us in occasion of her birthday, and with the money raised we were able pay for the operation of one of our girls, that required urgent treatment at the hospital

Stefanie from Travel to Pura Vida.has been very committed to our project even before the start of her trip, as she held a fundraiser on GoFundMe in occasion of her birthday to raise money for us! This has been very important as during those times one of our girls was very sick and needed urgent treatment at the hospital, and luckily the timing was perfect and the money raised made it possible for us to pay for her operation. With the money left from the campaign we also got our kids toothbrushes and toothpaste, clothes, books and toys, and they were so happy!!!

During her time here Stefanie also contributed to our work in various way: she helped us with day to day tasks for the foundation, such as interviewing the moms of our kids and the artisans who make our jewellery, helping us with the small business trainings and micro loans, and she also held a workshop about dental care for the kids in Jinja.

Stefanie started sponsoring little Tracy. The kids love to see their sponsor and we facilitate this contact as much as possible.

Steffi also started sponsoring one of our little girls, Tracy, and it was just amazing to see those two together. Tracy invited Steffi to her home and have dinner with her parents. We also took Tracy and some of the other kids to the swimming pool for a fun day and visited them in school.

Within 22STARS we value the direct contact between a child and his/her sponsor! If you are not able to come to Uganda, no worries, we have a secret Facebook group in which we post weekly updates and where you can also find out more about the kid you sponsor.

We are extremely grateful for the support that Stefanie gave us, and we are hoping to see her soon back in Uganda!

Are you interested in joining us for the next social workation?

We are looking forward to have you here :)

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