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12 months 5245 meals!

One year weekly meals for the kids! Thank you Alexander Schledewits!

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Exactly one year ago I decided to organize the first “Sunday Funday” kids lunch at our 22STARS office in Acholi Quarter slum in Kampala. Bastian Barami was over for a month, and 4 hands can definitely do more than 2. I got some extra donation money together, so I decided to use it for food, not sure for how long I would be able to do it, and not sure what to do when the group would grow. But I just started, and hoped that problem would solve by itself. It probably sounds crazy, but many of the children that we started sending to school never ever ate meat or fish in their life or would just eat one meal a day and or go starving to bed.

Thankfully my prayers where hurt, and just two month later on 4 December, Alexander Schledewits started to help me, and not just he, but a whole team behind him. Teller für Teller. As the group kept growing and also the funds that Alex would raise, we expanded the group to Jinja and we are feeding now every week 152 kids and the women helping us out. And not just that, by times we also buy big bags of posho and beans for the families so they can at least get one basic meal a day. I cannot describe in any words how grateful I am for this. And looking back at all the pictures from the last year is just amazing.

At the same time, I feel super odd, because while I am writing this message I am at an all-inclusive conference “The Nomad Cruise” crossing the ocean. Yes, eating whatever I want all day long. It just feels sooooooo weird. I cannot really bring in words how to describe it. We live in a strange world. Anyway, many people from this nomad cruise conferences have supported us also a lot the last year, to be precise 40 children are sponsored long-term through the nomad cruisers, and many more to come.

In exactly three weeks I will be back in Uganda! Hopefully raising more funds for the kids and families in Uganda. Besides education and food our focus will be the next months in particular on building small businesses with the families to make them self-sustainable. Wanna join me in Uganda? Write me a message! Thank you all for your support!

Stella Romana Airoldi

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