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280 kilo beans and 280 kilo posho

Thank you Alexander Schledewits and Teller für Teller

Jinja, 12october. Alexander Schledewits you are amazing! Food is always scare in Danida slum in Jinja and many families stay hungry by times. So we bought 280 kilo of beans and 280 kilo of posho. We distributed it to the families of the kids that needed it most, who are all part of 22stars.

The families just finished the small businesses trainings with Enterpreneurs Hand Uganda last Saturday. So soon when I am back in Uganda I will look into how we can Kickstart their businesses so they can also earn more money to buy their own food. But for now we decided to donate food as no one likes to stay hungry. With this food the families can make a basic meal this month while working on their own ideas!!

Acholi Quarter in Kampala follows soon!

Thank you for the help and pictures David Wafula and Aidah Nambozo

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