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"How do you actually follow your dreams?"

I am right now at the Nairobi airport heading to Uganda. 8 hour flights mean for me time to reflect and write in my journal book. What is my dream? Do I follow it? Am I happy?! Following your dream sounds kind of easy. And if not, then for sure it will have nothing to do with you. You dont follow your dream, because you don't have money, time, are not healthy and many other things. But what if you have all of those, money, time and health?! Well I can tell you then still following your dream is not something that comes easily and automatic. It is also a mindset and something you need to keep working on. When I left Holland today I actually had some tears in my eye and felt a bit scared. What if some one robs me? What if I get crazy from the anti malaria pills or fall sick again? And what if I miss out now of all the things happening in the Netherlands?!

Yes even me, being 10 years on the road still have those questions in my head. But then I quickly remember that since I am a child I wanted to help other people and make them happy. Share the things I have. And I was extremely curious about other continents and intrigued by African art and seeing wild animals in real life was definitely a childhood dream. And here I am, still pushing myself to go. Cause staying the whole summer in Holland sounds so safe and good. And also the dreams of my friends sound good. Friends who rather wanna be on a tropical chill beach. Then I question myself. Do I really live my dream? Or could my dream be also my friends dream of being on a beach? What if I follow the wrong dream? Why do these people don't have my dream? Then I realize that my most happy moments (and also sad ones) were in Uganda and that everyone has their own dream. Actually this time I feel more then ever excited to be in Uganda.

I learned the last years that if you want something it's you who has to make it happen. Of course there were aspects of following my dream that did not make me happy. Like being alone in Uganda. So what did I do? I changed that! This summer I will be not alone there. I have several people coming for my social workation to see the projects and discover Uganda with me. Following your dreams is not always a pink cloud. You need to stay focused and work for it. Like today I slept two hours and worked the whole flight. So apart from money, time and health, following your dream is also a struggle with your own mind. If you are not sure what your dream is and whether you follow it, realize that even a dream is not only made out of sugar, spice and everything nice. ;) It's about the longterm happiness that you achieve with it. Create the environment you like in order to not only work for your dream but to keep happy while following it.

One more hour and I take off to Uganda! ❤😍

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