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Would you like to experience some incredible sunsets in Uganda?

Want to experience the incredible sunsets in Uganda?
Join us on our next trip over Christmas or in February

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It’s often said that African sunrises and sunsets are the best in the world and I could not agree any more with that. They are just magical! Perhaps it is because the continent is so diverse. The landscape filled with desert dunes, tropical beaches, high mountains, open savannahs and plains full of grazing animals – and there’s nothing quite like watching the sun go down on the river Nile.

As the evening draws in, I have seen the most magnificent sunsets in Namibia, Botswana, Zanzibar and especially in Uganda over the river Nile and in the national parks. The sunsets are a highlight of each and every trip.

One of my three favourite spots for seeing sunsets in Uganda is seeing them in the Murchison Falls National Park during a safari. These pictures were taken there. I literally feel the luckiest girl in the world that I am able to go there so often. Nothing beats sunsets with elephants and giraffes in the background.

Africa is known for its incredibly beautiful golden sunsets and in these pictures you can see a bit why. However I do not have always my camera out, hence I have many more amazing pictures in my mind. And the pictures do not do justice to the even better reality! Seeing the open savannah plains with an acacia tree in the background and the silhouette of a lone giraffe strolling past, embraced by the warm golden glow of the setting sun is the best there is. Seeing an African sunset should be high on your bucket list!♥️ .

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