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Our focus at 22stars is Local Leadership, Education and Entrepreneurship.

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Small businesses Project

In these pictures you see some of the mothers of the children that are sponsored through 22STARS and go to school. The moms participate in our small business trainings and received a micro loan from around 100 to 250 euro. We have in total now about 60 families participating!

The moms in these pictures live in Acholi Quarter in Kampala and their businesses are selling charcoal, vegetables and hair dressing. Whenever we cook at our office we buy our things locally, everytime from a different market lady, to help them out as much as possible. So if you need vegetables or want a new hair cut, you know now where to go! 

It is really important for us that also the families of the children are empowered and become independent and self sustainable. We don't want the kids to grow up with the mindset that they have received everything from only their sponsors. We want them to see and acknowledge the hard work their parents are doing for them. Hence why we want to help them succeed in their businesses by providing trainings and micro loans. 


We partnered up with Entrepreneurs Hands Uganda who conduct the business trainings for us on side in Luganda, which our project manager Susan then translated also into Luo. Many of the women don't speak English, but they do speak many local languages. They do not all know how to read and write, but they do have skills, talent and a creative mindset! 

We weekly monitor the progress of the families and educate them on a regular basis on how to improve their businesses.

Everyone can start a small business, do amazing things, and become a proud of their own achievements!

Thank you all for donating and making this possible! 

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Nicholas from EHU gives the our 22STARS groups business trainings and he is present once a week when the people bring in their weekly payback of the loans.