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Join us on a tour around our schools in Kampala

Sponsor a child today and start changing a life 

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A small tour through the school in Uganda

Today we would like to give you a little tour of one of our schools in Kampala, where we are sending our children.

As you can see on the blackboard in the head office of the school director, the school fees are around 50 euro per term. However apart from that we paid for the children's school uniforms, sweaters and sportswear (10 euro each), registration fees, exam fees, development fees, books, bags and tour fees.

Some terms are more expensive than others, but we have decided to make an average and stick to 80 euro per term and encourage parents to top up a bit for the extra needs of the kids.

Kids don't go to school for just one year, but years! 

Most of the kids have no parents or their parents are working in the stone quarry earning just one USD per day, we realized that we need to top up most of the time by ourselves and are also dependent on extra donations coming in.

In order not to send kids to school for just one year and then back to the streets we work with long term sponsors. However we appreciate one time donations to be able to either cover at least one term of a child until we find a long-term sponsor, or our additional programs.

The school system

In the Ugandan school system kids go for 3 years to kindergarten (starting at age 3), 7 years to primary school, and 4 or more years to high-school. The new school year starts in January and consists of three terms of three months each, with one month holidays in between. 

317 kids sponsored

We are so happy to tell you that thanks to your support we have now 317 kids with a long-term sponsor, 155 boys and 162 girls, 67 of them are in kindergarten, 227 in primary school and 23 in secondary school!
Of course we also add kids to our program, but only after we make sure that the needs of the current ones are met!

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Quality over quantity!

For us quality is more important then quantity! This is why over the last couple of months we have been focusing on getting better school results of the kids and not increasing their number. Since many kids get little to no homework help from their parents / caretakers (as many are illiterate), their school reports are not always the best.
Also many of them manage to get a sponsor just in the middle of the school year, and in some cases they start being exposed to the English language in school for the first time, while at home they only speak their local languages.

We run 6 projects at 22STARS!

In addition to sending the kids to school we help them with their homeworks during their holidays, we hired some teachers to help us out and we also sent some of the kids to better schools. We also run small business trainings with their parents and handed out micro loans to about 60 families! We also give out weekly meals, more than 40.000 in 2018 to be precise. We handed out more then 300 matrassses and Sunday outfits, rebuild several houses. We tested the eye side of more than 300 people and handed out 200 glasses and did several eye operation. We finally got our own water connection in Kampala and handed out waterfilters and mosquito nets to the families. And this is just the beginning, we are on our way to do much more!