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Meet our staff members in Kampala!

Without these wonderful people on the ground we would not be able to manage all our projects and kids!

· Kampala,Our Team

Peace Elizabeth
All Day Dancer

Peace is sponsored and in S-4 boarding school. She is very enthusiastic and outgoing and helps us during her holidays with our after school activities. She loves dancing and singing. Location: Kampala.

Akumu Beatrice
Chef cook

Beatrice helps us with our nutrition project. She cooks every Sunday for all 200 kids and buys the food for them. She loves cooking. Location: Kampala.

Amali Margret
Chef cook

Margret is part of our small business trainings and she loves cooking for the kids on Sunday. She is our community mobilizer. She is a very outgoing woman and she loves dancing to welcome any visitors we have at our project. Location: Kampala.

Atangi Derrick
Tech Nerd

Derrick is sponsored and in S-2 in adult school. Derrick helps us out with all technical related stuff and our after school project. He loves footballl. Location: Kampala.

Meet all our other awesome team members that help us with our project in Kampala:

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