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Help our kids improve their education by sponsoring our afterschool program

Our afterschool program was a big success!

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Many of our kids had in 2018 bad school grades and we are happy to say that thanks to the homework help in 2019 they improved tremendously!

Many kids have started school for the first time when they were given this opportunity by their sponsors. Some of them entered school for the first time at an older age, and the fact that they were not used to the school system might have resulted in some difficulties over the first year. Also many of the kids are orphans and almost all of them come from families/ caretakers, who are illiterate and hence cannot help them with their school work.

In order to tackle this problem, beside our Educational program we are running additional projects.

During our After School Project we make sure that the kids come together at least once a week, and we hold parent conferences to educate their parents about their plights. We also give our kids extra lessons during holidays and weekends.

Thank you for your support!

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