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Trimestral Report Jinja & Kampala April - June 2023

Update about our projects in Kampala by Susan and in Jinja by Aidah

· Monthly Reports

Our trimestral reports are written by Susan Laker for our Kampala programs and by Aidah Wafula for our Jinja programs. In addition to our Child-Sponsorship Program we run additional programs throughout the year benefitting all children and their community. This report shows the programs that have been running the trimester January-March 2023.


The second trimester of 2023 marked significant progress in both Jinja and Kampala as students completed term one and commenced term two.

In Jinja, most primary schools completed term one by April 28th, with secondary schools concluding by May 5th. Report cards for term one were received and sent to ours sponsors. Evening computer literacy classes resumed both in Jinja and Kampala, and music classes were introduced again in Jinja, offering opportunity for the children to learn new skills and expand their education to earn artistic skills.

Both locations hosted parents' meetings, where we adviced them on parental responsibilities and adherence to program terms and conditions. Emphasis was placed on saving groups, shared responsibilities, and cooperation between parents and the foundation.


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Both Jinja and Kampala continued to be dedicated to the nutrition program, providing weekly balanced meals to our sponsored children. In Kampala, Sunday lunches for 143 children contributed to their improved health and balanced diets. As we mentioned on our previous report, also our boarding school students were included in this program, as Susan committed to bring the weekly lunches to their schools.

In Jinja, Saturday meals remained a highlight, even though some children had transitioned to boarding schools and aren’t able to attend during the school semester.

We are so proud of our program, as providing these balanced meals is a milestone of the foundation, as it is the way for our children are able to receive nutritious food, which is particularly important since it is challenging for parents to provide nutritious meals at home.

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Both Jinja and Kampala faced various health challenges during the trimester. In Jinja, cases of severe malaria required attention, and some children were referred for specialized care. The Foundation ensured that the children received the necessary medical attention. Follow-up procedures were established to track their recovery and well-being.


In both locations, weekly meetings with our committee members ensured proper loan repayment and effective monitoring of the businesses.

The program continued to empower our program beneficiaries, promoting their financial independence and economic growth and a higher capacity to provide for their children.


Throughout the trimester, various meetings and activities took place.

Visitors, including our social impact participants, immersed themselves in our projects, and this was an incredible opportunity for us to learn from each other’s culture. Capacity-building sessions, led by our amazing coach Joelle, were catered towards our team but also to some young beneficiaries of our community. Infact, though the Youth Leadership Program (YLP), we aimed to form new leaders within our community. Here you can find more information on this beautiful training that Joelle led in Kampala.


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