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It is finally time to give our sponsor the spotlight

Meet Steffi, Anja and Ani


· Volunteer,Impact Trips Uganda
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This time we would like to introduce you to 3 special sponsors: Ani, Anja and Steffi!

Ani is a copy writer, she loves her dog and is passionate about animal wealth fare.
Anja is a social media consultant and always knows the right thing to say!
And Stefi is an event manager who came two times to Uganda, one time as a participant and the second time as a co-host!
The girls are all sponsoring a child in Uganda, because they stand behind education! But that's not all.
They did a fundraiser for our foundation, and thanks to that they were able to provide us with 125 solar sun lights and 150 sweaters! And... They came to Uganda to visit us! We had so much fun with them!❤️

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We really love having visitors and sharing our Ugandan culture with them! ❤️