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Our borehole project in Jinja

We just celebrated the official opening of our water borehole project in Jinja

· Jinja,Sanitation

We are thrilled to announce that our water borehole in Danida, Jinja, has been built and now all the kids and their family have access to clean water. This area lacks access of water sources for most families, that as a result have to buy water from the few ones that have access to it.


The area of Danida is comprised of about 3.000 Families, with an estimated population of 15,000 people living in an area of about 4sqkms, which results in congestion and poor sanitation, which are catalysts for easy spread of diseases.

The corona pandemic hit these areas much harder than less congested areas with better access to better sanitation.

One of the needs that our local managers have identified in Danida is the lack of public water sources, since very few families have access to water, and the few families that have access to it made a business out of it, by charging money to the rest of the community for each water jerrycan they provide. Unfortunately, this is an expense that is very difficult to cover for most people in this area, as on average, every single family of five members would need at least five jerrycans of water per day to be able to keep a good level of sanitation.


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Therefore, taking the cost at averagely 200UGX per jerrycan, each family would need to spend 1000UGX per day, a total of 30,000UGX per month, and an estimate of 360,000UGX per year.

This cost is hard to afford for the people in the community, as most of them engage in casual labor jobs, whose wages are very low. Hence, in a year, each family will spend a maximum of 3,000UGX on water. As a consequence, the limited use of water results into persistent poor sanitation, and regular occurrence of diseases within the community.

This is the reason why we decided to intervene and to raise funds to help the community through the provision of a borehole, with the objective of providing a source of public, cheap and accessible water to the community, as we believe the access to water is a basic human right.

After receiving permission from the “National Water and Sewerage Corporation”, we were able to drill the borehole on the 6th April2022, and we are super happy that now all our kids and families in Danida can benefit from clean water.

We would love to thank our sponsor Mr XYZ, for his many contributions to our Foundation throughout the years, and for donating us 11.000 euro to make this project possible. Thanks to this water borewhole, we were able to improve the livelihood of so many people in Danida, that now have access to clean and cheap water.

borehole project opening
Also Stella came to the opening of our borehole project and she celebrated with the whole community