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Merry Xmas from the 22STARS kids

And have a happy new year!

While the Xmas party of 22stars KIDS Foundation KAMPALA is on right now (pics come later), we already celebrated the Xmas party of 22STARS JINJA a few days ago. Many of the kids in Jinja went back now to the villages to visit their family for the holidays.

Thanks to Xmas donations from inter alia Sarah Lorenz, Daniel Hünebeck, Diego Araos, Nils Heymann, Tyree Smith and Juergen Hoenig we bought the Jinja kids new clothes, soap and food for their families to take home with them for Xmas. The pictures when they were eating they still had their old clothes on, then in the later pictures all of them changed into the new ones. Don't they look adorable in their new flower dresses?!

I would also like to give especially a BIG THANK YOU to our project managers in Jinja Aidah Nambozo and David Wafula. They are not in these pictures themselves, but without them this would not have been possible. They bought all the clothes and gifts for the kids and took those lovely pictures. And of course a big thanks like always to Alexander Schledewits for the food! Thank you so much guys!

I wish all 22STARS supports a very good X-mas!

Much love,


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