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Making an impact in the world! DNX podcast with Stella Airoldi

The founder of 22STARS - Stella Airoldi - got interviewed by DNX

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Making an impact in the world with Stella Airoldi

Stella is one of those people who seems to have been everywhere already. And it's probably true! In 2008, she decided to travel around the world by herself for about eight months.

Wherever she went, she felt like she was confronted with poverty and injustice. Long story short: she got her Master's in Public International Law and became a board member of SIFE Leiden, where she learned that the best way to help people out of poverty is by making sure that they can provide for themselves.

Soon after, she founded 22STARS ( in Uganda, based in Kampala, a business in which women make jewelry from recycled paper. With this project, she enables children to attend school, with over 200 participating kids to date and 5 development programs.

In this interview, Stella shares her experiences and insight, as well as how to make an impact on the world.

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