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Family Walzer from Wirhelfensehen joined us on a second trip to support our Eye Program

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We are so grateful and happy! Over the last month 22STARS founder Stella Romana Airoldi was in Uganda together with her boyfriend Daniel Walzer who took his whole family with him! It was actually already the second time that Daniel and his dad came to Uganda!

Their first trip inspired them to set up a foundation called 'Wirhelfensehen', in order to rise more funds for us to send people from our community to an eye doctor, do eye testing, and provide people with prescription glasses and medication.
Daniel's dad is an optician and tested together with our local 22stars team the eye side of all people in Daystar and St. Matia, two schools in Jinja where many of our 22stars kids go to.

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After we finished in Jinja we went to Kampala to test the eye sight of the community! . 

Since more than a year Walzer family is helping us financially, so that we can go with the people from our community to an eye doctor to conduct eye testing, and provide them with medication, glasses and surgery where necessary. Moreover, they gave us their time and skills.
Daniel and Ruediger Walzer came for the second time to Uganda, whereas Sabine and her children for the first time.
They conducted together with our 22STARS team eye testing at the schools where the 22stars children are going to and more than 70 people were sent to see an eye doctor.
They also handed out 50 reading glasses to the elderly and about 20 protection glasses to the people working in the store quarry. 
We are extremely grateful for their work! ❤️👏😍

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Having a good eye sight is extremely important! However, access to eye health care is expensive and hence not accessible for everyone in Uganda. 

We are super grateful that out of all amazing causes and projects in the world WIRHELFENSEHEN picked ours in Acholi Quarter Kampala and Danida Jinja!
Thank you family Walzer! 

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