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David opened his own church in Jinja

Establishing his own church was the dream of our project coordinator for Jinja and Kampala

· Our Team,Jinja

David Wafula, our project coordinator for Jinja and Kampala, opened his own church in Danida, Jinja. David has been a big resource for us since the start of the Foundation 22STARS, and we are so happy that he could reach his dream and be able to have a bigger impact on his community.


David preaching during his mass

Pastor David Wafula is the husband of Aidah Wafula, our Project Leader in Jinja. Since April 2020, David joined our organization full-time, coordinating the project managers in both Kampala and Jinja. Throughout is academic career, he earned a bachelor’s degree in "Theology" in Kenya, where he lived and studied between between 1997 and 2001, and a Master's degree in "Organizational Leadership and Management."

Even though David had previously worked as a primary school teacher, he has always had a strong calling to share his message and faith in God. For this reason, beyond of his work for the Foundation 22STARS, David has served for many years at the HQ of the "Church of God" in Kampala. Since this church has different branches all over the country, including in Danida, Jinja, where our project is located, when he moved to Danida David had the chance to serve for this church.

After many years serving at the "Church of God", David developed a strong call to enlarge his impact and decided to open his own church in Danida, and also thanks to the Foundation 22STARS, this church has been inaugurated in May 2022.

When we asked David about the reason behind his decision of opening his own church, and what starting a church meant for him, he replied:


"Starting a church is a call, not a job. I wanted to serve people in the spiritual area of their life, to help strenghthen their character, their behaviour, and encourage them to be better every day. I decided to start my own church because in the one I used to work at, I was limited in my impact because I had some differences of opinion with the other pastors. We did not have the same way of doing things, and I felt that I could do much more for the community, and be more of service. For this reason, I decided that the only way I would be able to do it was to start my own church.

I love preaching to people about the message of God, and hearing their life stories. The most important thing for me is to be able to fully listen to their concern and try to help them to improve themselves in the areas in life in which are struggling, and I do this through the message of God. I have seen that my message of faith has helped many people overcome their difficulties, and transformed many lives. People that have come to me after having lost the right path in life could find it again through the message of God. "


David has been giving a lot of his energy and committment for our Foundation throughout the years.

We are honored to have him as our project coordinator, and that we were able to help him reach this very important milestone in his life.