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Background of Danida in Jinja

The second project location of 22STARS

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Danida is a neighborhood within the city of Jinja, situated in the Busoga district in Eastern Uganda. Research conducted by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics reveals that Busoga is recognized as one of the least prosperous regions in the country, with approximately 10 million individuals residing in poverty in rural areas.

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Living conditions in Danida epitomize urban poverty at its worst. Residents in these areas encounter significant challenges in their daily struggle for survival. Depending on their specific situations, individuals and communities are at risk from various threats such as floods, landslides, diseases, exposure to hazardous industrial waste, and indoor air pollution. The absence of essential amenities like roads, footpaths, street lighting, drainage, electricity, waste disposal, and social support further amplifies the vulnerability of dwellers. Women and children bear a disproportionate burden due to inadequate sanitation, indoor air pollution, and the time-consuming task of fetching water and fuel. The myriad challenges faced by Danida residents are interconnected, exacerbating their difficulties.


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Despite facing economic challenges, the people of Busoga in Eastern Uganda are rich in resilience, community spirit, and cultural heritage. The region's lush landscapes and diverse wildlife showcase the beauty of Uganda's natural surroundings, providing a glimpse into the country's rich biodiversity. As efforts continue to address poverty and improve living conditions, there is a growing sense of hope and determination among the residents of Busoga to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Through collaboration, innovation, and support, the potential for sustainable development and prosperity in Busoga shines brightly on the horizon, reflecting the unwavering spirit of its people.


The Jinja District project site established by 22STARS aims to make a significant impact on the community in Busoga, Eastern Uganda. Through various initiatives, the organization is dedicated to uplifting the lives of the local people and improving their economic prospects. By focusing on eradicating poverty, reducing unemployment through entrepreneurship training, and supporting education through school sponsorships, 22STARS is working towards creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for the region. With dedication and collaboration, positive change is on the horizon for the individuals and families in Busoga.


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