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Help us fight the Corona Virus emergency in Uganda

Due to the Corona Virus the schools in Uganda close and the children will miss out on the only meal a day they get!

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Dear Sponsors,

my apologies that I have to start our new Newsletter Sequence with this message! I am finally back in Germany and prepared a series of nice new newsletters for you guys with the amazing impact you have been making with your donations, to cheer you up during those devasting times. My heart, and also that of the whole 22STARS community, is out with everyone who is affected by the Corona virus!

Today at 17.00 PM Uganda time the Ugandan President addressed his country regarding the Corona Virus. Last week we already had our own meeting as well with the women. But the outcome stays of course as devasting as it is.

In Uganda the schools will close down this Friday for one month.

This will be a big DISASTER for our children as many of them are depending on the meals they get in school!

Often this is the only meal they are getting in a day! So without this meal many of these children will stay hungry and go to bed starving the next weeks!

We just set up a campaign to raise money for food to distribute bags of posho and beans to the children to overcome these harsh months without starving.

Please click the link below to support the children! ❤️

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Pictured are 3 of our girls, Nakato, Gifty and Angella. In total 375 kids depend on our support and the meals they normally would receive in school.