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Celebrating that child nr. 100 is sponsored

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I thought this is definitely worth a post! And my goodness, it also really was time again to write something! I just realize that my last post on my main 22STARS jewellery website was from October 2016… I am sorry for abandoning my blogs. But I had a very, very good reason! I spend October/November and March/April in Uganda. What initially started as a simple GoFundMe project to get money together to send kids to school evolved in becoming a real foundation! Yes, 22STARS Foundation is established as of march 2017. I put a lot of time and work in it the last 12 months, but it was so worth it. I am very proud to announce that just this week our 100th child, Aol Carolina, found her sponsor. Thank you, Charley Zuidinga! In addition, 10 children are currently looking for a long-term sponsor. We financed this term of school fees for them, so they are in school right now, but need someone to help them continuing with their education.

What else is new besides sending children to school? Well thanks to all the donations that keep coming in we were also able to buy clothes, food, toys and medicine for the children. And even more wonderful, we found a sponsor – Alexander Schledewits - who is helping us with contribution for food. EVERY SUNDAY we are giving the kids a proper meal with fish or meat.

But this has not been all that kept me busy this year. I also designed a new jewellery line during my travels through West Africa. We incorporated the beads, pendants and charms that I bought from local artist into our recycled paper bead designs. The photoshoot took place in Morocco and the new collection will be launched very soon! So, keep an eye on our site.

Also, many of the sponsors asked me whether they could come to Uganda to visit the children and see the jewellery project, and the answer is YES, please come! We are more than happy to welcome you. I already had the first visitors in Uganda last November, and in March of this year the first group of Social Nomads came to Uganda to join the first workation. I have created a three-week program – the so called Social Workation- for freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and change-makers to come to Uganda to make an impact! Short on time? You can also join us for 1 week or ask for a customized program. The next workations will be held this summer!

New projects meant also new websites. In addition to the jewellery store I launched a new site for the foundation and a new website for the social workations I highly appreciate your feedback and please don’t hesitate to contact me with whatever question you might have.

Hope to see you soon in Uganda!