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A look inside our second project site, the Danida area in Jinja

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· Jinja,Entrepreneurship
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Today we would like to show you some pictures of Jinja, where our second project from 22STARS is located, specifically in the neighbourhood called Danida.

This place is located on the Northern shore of Lake Victoria and is known as the source of the Nile River. Jinja’s current population is about 120,000 with a daytime population of almost 200,000.

We do many house visits in Jinja to see how the families of our 22stars kids are doing. It's easy to recognise the houses by our blue yellow 22stars uniforms that hang outside to dry. 

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Once known as Uganda’s industrial hub, Jinja municipality is now home to many slums. Currently, there are 7 slums scattered in the three divisions of Jinja municipality from 2 in 2005. Statistics at Jinja municipal council show that the slums are home to approximately 10,000 people in the municipality.

The families live in houses mostly made of mud and wattle grass, and just a few are roofed with rusty iron sheets.Most residents are involved in casual work as domestic helpers, cooks, fruit vendors and cleaners, and on average they share the house with ten other persons.

Every year more people come to this area due to uncontrolled birth rates and internal migrations. In our community people literally migrated from all type of areas to Jinja in search of work and hence many different languages are spoken.

In the end of 2015 we started with a group of women to make jewellery out of recycled paper. However due to a lack of market to sell high quantities, we started the 22STARS foundation 2 years ago. We have now also in Jinja more than 120 kids that go to school and found a long-term sponsor and we have in addition about 40 families who took part in our small business trainings and received a micro loan. ❤️

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