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A day in the life of Aidah

Today we would like to invite inside a day in the life of Aidah Wafula, our project leader in Jinja

· Our Team,Jinja

Here is a sneak peak inside the daily life of Aidah Wafula, our project leader in Jinja, to show you what is her lifestyle and culture look like also outside of her work with the Foundation 22STARS.

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Aidah Wafula is our CBO Founder & Project Leader in Jinja. She is married to David Wafula, our project coordinator for Jinja and Kampala. They have four children, three girls and one boy.

We asked Aidah to tell us what a day in her life looks like, and she shared a bit about herself and her daily life with his family in Jinja. Aidah's daily routine varies, depending whether her girls are home or at school. In fact, even though her boy is still in primary school and therefore lives at home, her three daughters are enrolled in secondary boarding school. For this reason, they come back home just for the holidays.

Aidah loves to keep the environment clean, and to involve her children in the cleaning, whenever is possible. Whenever her girls are not at home Aidah has a cleaning lady that helps her with the daily chores, but every time the girls are back from boarding school, they all help her to clean the house.

They wake up at 6 am in the morning and start the day by cleaning the house, and the compound, both inside and outside.

When they finish cleaning, it is breakfast time, between about 8 and 9 am.

Aidah's ideal breakfast consists in fried cow liver, bread, chapati, boiled eggs, bananas and watermelon. However, when some of those items aren't available, she would make chapati and bananas.

After breakfast, one of Aidah's favorite activities is to do groceries shopping at the local market. She loves going to the market by herself and does not delegate this task, because she knows who are the sellers she wants to buy from, and wants pick the groceries herself.

She buys beans, posho (maize flour dish) and matoke, which is the food she cooks for Saturday lunch with our kids when they come to the office, and it is also the tipical meal her family eats at home for lunch and dinner.

Every Saturday, after grocery shopping, Aidah goes back home and prepares to host the kids at the office for lunch, whereas every other day of the week she either visits the schools in which the children are enrolled, or she goes to see their families. During these visits, she usually talks to them about their children' education, the progress of their small businesses, and how they are doing in general.

After getting back home, Aidah receives the kids that come to the office to take part to the music and computer classes, that take place every day from about 5 pm to 7 pm, and when the children go back to their homes, the family can finally gather for dinner.

Before going to sleep, they all pray together and they have a beautiful ritual in which they all share with each others how their day went.

And.... this was a little sneak peak inside a day in the life of our amazing project leader in Jinja, Aidah Wafula.

Aidah with the 22STARS children during Saturday lunch