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International Day of the Girl

A story of two beautiful girls who's future will changed thanks to you!

Today is international day of the girl! Without traveling to Uganda myself I never would have been able to meet so many girls in need of education. Right now I am in Panama, it's beautiful here; like paradise with the beach and palmtrees. So people here ask me, or better said, they just make the assumptiont, that I probably want to stay here forever and that Uganda must be so different etc. Well actually not. First of all I seriously cannot wait to go back to Uganda. Because It is equally beautiful: please guys come all to jinja and watch beautiful sunsets over the Nike river. Its different but also beautiful country. And secondly and more importantly I am involved in a beautiful Project in Uganda,while working on the road from my laptop. So yes whole being now at a beautiful beach I am busy updating the website, editing pictures, doing all administration and so forth. However working on this project in Uganda with the people on the ground means more to me than going to the next country and just traveling around a bit. Of course I could have done that and could have stayed longer in central America. No one forces me to go, but I wanna go.

I had the pleasure to send 160 kids (of which 85 girls) to school this year and see them changing tremendously.

I had the pleasure to send 160 kids (of which 85 girls) to school this year and see them changing tremendously. Girls who were shy and insecure are now talkative, enthusiastic and healthy. This was the biggest gift I ever got out of Traveling and would not have happened if I only would have liked to go to new places and not return to ones I was before. I would love to share so many stories with you, but for now I picked the story of little Miriam and Mercy, these two have a special place in my heart.

Last June I got a message from my friend and Project manager Susan Laker who herself lives in the slum area and who I have been helping over the years. We just made the payment for school fees of all kids in our program, these girls however where not in our project yet. They were send back home from school as their grandmother could not afford the school fees of them and their two little brothers.

What we found out was that their father died a year ago in the stone quarry as a stone fell on top of him and their mother just died last June, as she was hit by a car. Thankfully we just received another large donation from Family Weber and thus where able to send the girls immediately to school. And thanks to more donations that came in last summer we also bought them a bed and matrasses. In September, we thankfully got again donations through a fundraiser in Lisbon so we could continue sending them to school.

It’s always bit stressful finding every term new sponsors, therefore, we prefer long-term sponsors, but without the “small" one-time donations we would never ever have been able to send them to school in the first place! Therefore, I want to highlight again that with a small contribution you truly can change a little girls’ future forever! Thankfully we found a long-term sponor for 2018 onwards for both girls and their 2 brothers. Charles Page committed to start sponsoring them long-term! Thanks, so much Charles!

With just 0.50 euro cent a day you can send a girl to school!

With just 0.50 euro cent a day you can send a girl to school! While we do send both boys and girls to school, in general girls are quite often more disadvantaged as many parents prefer sending the boy to school and a girl usually stays behind and gets into housework and early marriage. Educating a girl is however one of the most important things on earth. Educated girls are less likely to marry young or contract HIV — and more likely to have healthy, educated children. I am traveling back to Uganda 21 October and looking forward so much to see them!

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