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Charles Page raised 3450 Canadian Dollars for 22STARS KIDS

Thank you everyone who made a contribution!

100% of your donation will go the 22STARS KIDS!

We are super grateful and wish we could thank all sponsors personally. And maybe we can! 17 October the founder of 22STARS Stella Romana Airoldi will speak at Imagine Café in Montreal (Address: 16 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2W 1C5, Canada) about her social work and experiences in Uganda. Come and join!

22Stars founder Stella will speak 17 October at the Imagine Cafe in Montreal, Canada! Drop by and learn more about the projects!

Charles Page visited us last summer and participated in our Social Workation Program in Uganda. He had the great initiative to start a GoFundMe campaign for the 22STARS KIDS and raised 3450 Canadian Dollars! Once we will receive your kind donations in Uganda we will make a short movie and let you know how we spend the money.

There are still many children who we could not send to school last term, and also food and filters for clean water are extremely hard needed as cholera just broke out again in the region. So as soon as we receive the GoFundMe money we will start buying these basic supplies for the families and make some videos for the donors to show the impact that a simple donation can make! Also if you are one of the sponsors and needs a foundation invoice for your taxes, please let us know and send an email to !

We make short movies for every large donation that we get to show the sponsors how we spend their money

In addition, we would like to thank Charles for sponsoring the four orphans: Miriam Tracy, Sucros Kirya, Ajuno Mercy and Ebuk Samuel and finding a sponsor for Namugwere Noureen who immediately stole his heart, looking forward to know her sponsor. They keep asking us where their uncle Charles is as they want to play with him. Especially the story of the four orphans broke our heart when we first met them. Their father died last year in the stone quarry when a stone fell on top of him and then last June their mom was hit by a car. Their grandmother came rushing to our office asking for help. Thankfully we just had received a donation from Family Weber in June, so we were able to immediately help the kids out and send them to school.

Every donation counts! With as little as 0.50 euro cent a day you can send a child to school and change their future!

That shows again how important every single of your donation is. Without the donation money, we would not have been able to directly help them. For term 3 of this year we were lucky enough to get a donation through a fundraiser in Lisbon in September, to make sure the children could still go to school without being send home. From 2018 onwards Charles wants to help with the school fees of all four kids! So amazing that all four can have the same sponsor! We are super grateful for that! For just 0.50-euro cent a day you can change completely the life and future of one child! And not just that, all those little kids will make a huge impact too when they become adults and give back to their community.

So, thanks again all of you for loving us in Uganda and supporting us! Thanks in particular to

Charles Page

Roselyne Déry

Isabelle Leclerc

Maxime Duquette

Martin Déry

Caroline Gaudreault

Jeremie Faucher

Kathy Laberge

Alex Labonté

Dominic Tessier

Gabriel Hamel

Catherine Proulx

Julie Filion

Patrick Lauziere

Olivia Page Dubé

Pascal Hogue

Gabriel Moussette

Louis Paquette

JP Proulx

Serge Balmir

Raphaëlle Southière

Audrey-Anne Carpentier

Kassandra Grenier

Olivier Poliquin

Yohann Aube

Samuel Page

Marie Pier Nadeau

Mathieu Perreault

Rosemarie Généreux

carl binette

Sam Doyon

Mylène Bérubé

Jim Massé

Larochelle Jerome

Jean-Francois Guimont

Natacha Carbonneau

Lyne Turcotte

Elodie Southiere

Alexandre Tremblay

Jean-Thomas Coulombe

Bianca Lavoie

Jacques Fleurant

Elisabeth Page

Nathalie Cyr

Pierre Cardin


Stéphane Miron

Diane Fleurant

Jean Francois Gagnon

Pascale Doucet

Jonathan Hivon

Daniel Houle

Laurence Dionne

Alexandre Forest

Mathieu Leclerc

Benoit Lauzon

P-O Touzel

Josée Plourde

Maryse Montour

Sylvain Dion

Mélanie Lacharité

Sylvie Leger

Kevin Romanesky

Geneviève Faucher

Johanny Lambert

Michel Southiere

Robert Dionne

Yan Traversy69

Jonathan Guay

Raimundo Soares

MarieMichele Cyr

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