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Support children in Uganda with education, food and medicine!

In 2014 Stella Romana Airoldi started with the 22STARS Social Jewellery Business to empower families in Uganda. Since 2016 we do more: we founded the 22STARS KIDS FOUNDATION to support children long-term with schoolfees and give them a weekly meal with fish or meat. 

Within one year we went from 0 to 80 children that are supported long term with school fees and weekly with a meal of fish or meat. Please help us grow and become the sponsor of a child that still needs longterm support.

We also more than happy to see you here in Uganda! So whenever you are in Uganda, drop by at our office in the Acholi Quarter slum in Kampala our visit our project in Jinja. Also, in July and August, Stella will be in Uganda and you are more then welcome to come and visit us and our project!

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