Whether you want to visit, fundraise, become a sponsor or share our story

    Get involved and make

    a huge impact!


    Whether you make a one time donation or support a child over years, we need you!


    A specific child longterm

    Sponsor a child over several years with school fees. One year in primary school is 180 euro and one year in secondary school is 480 euro. We will send you photos, email updates and report cards.


    Our project in Uganda

    Come to Uganda and visit our project in the Acholi Quarters in Kampala and the Danida slums in Jinja. You can visit for one day, or join one our 1, 2 or 3 weeks SOCIAL IMPACT WORKATIONS to make a real difference!


    For all children and families

    Start a fundraising campaign to make a direct impact on the lives of children and their families living in the slums in Uganda. Download our fundraiser toolkit and collect money through your next birthday party or other event.


    A small family business

    We partnered up with Entrepreneurs Hands Uganda and give small business trainings to the families of the children that we send to school. We give small interest free loans to kick start their business and help them throughout the process.


    handmade jewellery

    We all love shopping and little gifts for ourselves and our loved ones. How awesome is it to shop and at the same time do something good? With every purchase you empower the families of our artisans in Uganda!


    You can send money through Paypal, Bank transfer or DonorBox


    Send to info@foundation22stars.org

    Make sure to do friends/family to avoid fees.


    *If you like to sponsor a child long-term you can pay per term or year through PayPal.


    Send to our Dutch Banc Account under the name of "Stichting 22STARS" to

    NL98 ABNA 0247199222.


    *If you like to sponsor a child long-term you can pay per term or year with direct banc transfer.



    Make your general donation through DonorBox General.


    *If you like to sponsor a child long-term you can pay per month or year through this page DonorBox Schoolfees.

  • Help kickstart a small business!

    We partnered up with Entrepreneurs Hands Uganda EHU to give small business trainings to the families of our 22STARS kids in Jinja and Kampala. The families get first an intensive four week training. Afterwards we make personal profiles for every participant and see what they need. Then we give them zero interest loans, set up a saving system for them and monitor their progress closely.


    We are super excited to hear that you want to support the 22STARS kids foundation. By joining us you will give a better future to children living in extreme poverty in Uganda. We want to thank you for your effort and contribution. Starting a fundraising campaign - whether online through tools like www.gofundme.com or off line by collecting money directly – is a powerful way to make a direct impact on the lives of children living in the slums in Uganda. 22STARS foundation enables children to go to school, which is the best way to fight poverty and disease.

    1. Pick a cause

    Make a general donation for the 22STARS kids foundation or link it to a more specific cause. You can choose from:


    • Medicine
    • Food
    • Clean water
    • Clothes
    • Toys
    • Education
    • Small family businesses
    • Housing


    Whatever you would like to pick, all causes are equally important to make sure that a child completes successfully his or her education and becomes a change-maker in their own community

    2. Create your campaign

    You can use tools like www.gofundme.com to launch super easy your fundraising campaign. Take a look at our campaign here www.gofundme.com/22starskids. Use the pictures you find in this fundraiser toolkit, feel free to copy our story and write down the banc details of the 22STARS foundation. To raise more money for your campaign we created a document with fun fundraising ideas. Of course, you do not need to make a campaign online, you can also create an offline fundraiser campaign and invite your friends, family and members of a group you are in to join.

    3. Share your fundraiser

    If you made an online campaign, start promoting it throughout your social network and tag us in your messages (@22stars_foundation) or send out the link by email to friends. Organizing an offline event to collect money? Then share our story with the people that you invite. Share our videos, flyers and poster. Encourage your supporters to also spread the word about the 22STARS kids foundation by letting them share the donation link or the link to our website and send them our social media pledge which they can post on their Facebook /Instagram/ Twitter/ LinkedIn accounts.

    4. Thank you

    Once you are done with your fundraiser you can send us the money with a note to which cause you would like to dedicate it to. We will keep you posted about what will happen with the money and send you pictures and an update. For now, we like to send you already this little thank you card from our kids in Uganda, feel free to pass it on to the people who you would like to thank for their contribution. You can also upload it to your social media and tag your supporters in the picture card.

    5. The extra mile

    Are you coming to Uganda to see our projects at first hand? That is amazing! You probably don’t even realize how much impact you can make. Our tip; take many pictures and start a little journal with your experiences. Share it with a select group of friends or post it on your social media channels and do a Facebook Live session for all your followers. This is a super effective way to let them being part of the Uganda experience and to show them what you are doing with the money. Take them with you to the schools, pharmacies, the market, homes and to the smiles of our kids.


    If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!



  • Join a social impact workation in Uganda!

    Are you a Digital Nomad, Location Independent Entrepreneur or Change Maker?

    We are hosting two social impact workations per year. Come co-working and co-living in Uganda and visit our projects. We make sure that you get your own stuff done, and in your free time get the maximum out of it! We will have 2 mastermind sessions a week with local entrepreneurs, visit the projects, and have city tours. With our program you will learn how to make a greater impact! And by participating at the program you donate money to our foundation and can join us buying supplies for the kids!

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