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  • Why do the kids need you

    Educate a child, and you potentially educate the whole nation!

    The 22STARS KIDS projects are located in the Acholi Quarter slum in Kampala and the Danida slum in Jinja, Uganda. Twenty years of civil war took a heavy toll on children. The parents of the 22STARS KIDS in the Acholi Quarter slum fled during the war with the LRA and Joseph Kony from Northern Uganda to Kampala to seek refuge. They ended up living in a slum area centered around several stone quarries. Even kids as young as 3 years old are crashing stones to earn money for food. Although there is peace now in Uganda, the battle against poverty in the Acholi Quarters continues.


    22STARS enlarged their project to the Danida slum, one of the poorest areas of Jinja in Eastern Uganda, which has been affected a lot by drought and food scarcity and addition is the home base of many internally displaced people from Uganda. The parents of most of our kids in the Danida slum and Acholi Quarter slum are illiterate, traumatized, HIV positive, became pregnant at a very young age, and have to care for a large family.


    Many of the kids lost one of their parents or even both and are taken care of by an aunt or uncle. We want a better future for those children and their communities and for that they need education. Once they are doctors, engineers, teachers and so forth they will become change-makers and able to give back to their community.

  • Urgent help needed to build a new kids office in Kampala

    We need 5.000 to buy a piece of land and 5.000 to build a house on it!

  • How you can help

    Whether you make a one time donation or support a child over years, we need you!


    For all children

    Start a fundraising campaign which is a powerful way to make a direct impact on the lives of children living in the slums in Uganda. Download our fundraiser toolkit and collect money through your next birthday party or other event.


    Our project in Uganda

    Come to Uganda and visit our project in the Acholi Quarters in Kampala and the Danida slums in Jinja. You can visit for one day, or join one our 1, 2 or 3 weeks SOCIAL IMPACT WORKATIONS to make a real difference!


    A specific child longterm

    Sponsor a child over several years with school fees. One year in primary school is 180 euro and one year in secondary school is 480 euro. We will send you photos, email updates and report cards.

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