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Susan Laker was together with Stella Airoldi in Europe (1 April - 7 May)

Our Ugandan project manager Susan Laker was together with 22STARS founder Stella Airoldi in Europe (1 April - 7 May). Thanks to 58 sponsors we raised 2700 euro to kick off together our new 22STARS #EducationIsTheKey campaign in Europe! Susan and Stella talked at different events during their Social Impact Trip about how important education is and why they started in addition their product based model the 22STARS jewellery started a donation based model to run the foundation. Watch Susan's talk below where she shares the many challenges she faced in her life, and how being creative saved her family. Once she got access to education her future and that of her children changed completely. Susan inspires many kids in the slum that it's never too late to start school and together with Stella she put education first!

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